Doctor Science Popularization: eight kinds of diseases that can not be completely cured. If someone says that they can be cured, they are lying to you

Recently, a friend of Dr. Liu is a “psoriasis” patient. Because of the trouble of psoriasis all year round, he recently heard that there are partial prescriptions that can be cured, but the price of this side is a little expensive, so he hesitated very much, so he asked me for help and hoped to hear my suggestions.

in fact, many people may have experienced such situations as my friend. For some chronic diseases, there will always be some “Jianghu doctors” who say they have unique secret recipe and get rid of the disease. Are these Jianghu doctors credible? In fact, most of these so-called secret recipes are deceptive. Many diseases, medical can not be cured. Today, Dr. Liu will talk to you about some common diseases that can not be cured.

psoriasis is a chronic, refractory and very easy to recur skin disease, it belongs to an immune disease, and has a certain genetic tendency.

the etiology of psoriasis has not been studied thoroughly in medicine so far. Its main manifestations include bulge of skin, bright red plaque, and itching symptoms; some patients may even have joint swelling, pain, deformation and other symptoms.

for psoriasis, the main treatment methods include external skin drugs, oral or injection drugs, phototherapy, etc. But these treatment methods are mainly to control symptoms, and can not be cured. Once the drug is stopped, most patients will have signs of recurrence. So for psoriasis patients, most of them need long-term treatment.

the main symptoms of rheumatic diseases include: swelling, pain and limited activity of joints everywhere; severe patients will also have rheumatoid arthritis, and then some other symptoms of the whole body.

in the treatment, rheumatic diseases mainly focus on drug treatment. Through standardized drug treatment, the disease can be stabilized and controlled, which is very helpful for the improvement of the quality of life of patients.

diabetes is believed to be very familiar to everyone, because the incidence rate of this disease is too high. At present, the number of diabetic patients in China has exceeded one hundred million, and it is still rising. The main reason is that the standard of living is excellent. As a chronic disease, many people know that diabetes can not be cured. For ordinary diabetes patients, there are not too many symptoms in general, which is also easy to cause many people to pay less attention to. Diabetes itself is not very terrible, but the complications of diabetes are more terrible, many complications will make the quality of life and life time of patients seriously affected.

for diabetes, although it is an incurable disease, as long as active treatment is generally controllable, and the quality of life of diabetic patients with good blood glucose control will not be affected too much, so we don’t have to worry about it.

if the control of hypertension is not good, it will also cause serious consequences, such as myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. Although hypertension can not be cured, it is similar to diabetes, and can be controlled. Generally, through diet, exercise, drug treatment, can be better control. Therefore, for patients with hypertension, we should pay attention to active treatment.

asthma is a respiratory system disease, which is characterized by chronic inflammation in the airway, which leads to airway stenosis, affects pulmonary ventilation and causes dyspnea. The main symptoms of asthma patients include: breathing, chest tightness, cough, dyspnea, shortness of breath, etc., and it is particularly prone to aggravation at night.

Alzheimer’s disease is also called Alzheimer’s disease. It is a kind of neurodegenerative disease with more hidden onset and progressive aggravation, mainly concentrated in the elderly. And with the increase of age, the higher the incidence of the disease, the more severe the symptoms will be.

the mild patients may show memory loss, but in the late stage, there may be a relatively obvious intellectual decline, which leads to the inability of the patients to take care of their life.

for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, if not actively treated and controlled, complications are often very easy to occur, which eventually leads to respiratory failure and threatens the lives of patients.

therefore, for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, we should also actively treat, control the disease and delay the progress, which is very helpful to improve the quality of life of patients.

AIDS is a acquired immunodeficiency disease, and it is infectious. The common infection ways include sexual contact transmission, blood transmission, mother to child transmission, etc.

for patients with HIV, it is incurable. However, early diagnosis and early active treatment can effectively control the patients’ condition and have a better therapeutic effect.

summary: there are still many diseases that cannot be cured. Dr. Liu introduces several common diseases to you. Although these diseases cannot be cured, most diseases can be effectively controlled by standardized and effective treatment. Therefore, if we have some of them, we don’t have to panic excessively. As long as we actively treat them, the effect is very good. CUISINE&HEALTH