Does constipation eat banana tube to use? Digestive doctors refute the rumor that two kinds of food do not work except bananas

The most difficult moments in the world are college entrance examination scores, maternal production, work speech, etc. We will also encounter a difficult time in our life. It is certain that many people have had the experience of waiting for stool on the toilet. Constipation makes a lot of people miserable, too embarrassed, go to work every day to study when a belly of excrement. The fight against constipation is a guerrilla war. Sometimes when you receive a signal from the gut, you immediately go to the toilet, but you still can’t wait for it to appear after ten or twenty minutes. You come and I go, more and more spots on your face, how to win the victory. < / P > < p > first of all, I know the details of constipation. When I was on the toilet, I almost tore the paper in my hand, but I refused to enter the toilet’s arms. I said that I had not seen it every day for four or five days. When I finally met, or was it black and dry, how could I keep secret? < / P > < p > short term constipation can be improved with a little thought, which is mostly caused by anal fissure and hemorrhoids, and can be relieved by timely medication. Some people have just moved home, stool is not ready for psychological preparation, environmental changes make the body make an instinctive response. Acute constipation appears more than a week or two will stop, the speed of recovery is also very fast. < / P > < p > if you are unfortunate and have been fighting with constipation for a year or even most of your life, is it your lifestyle and eating habits that annoy your stool and keep it in your body. Especially some middle-aged and elderly people, constipation is more serious, usually must eat more fruits and vegetables, increase cellulose. < p > < p > neighbor Xiao Liu recently suffered from constipation. When he came home from work, he carried a box of bananas upstairs. Asked curiously, Xiao Liu quietly told me that I was constipated and planned to eat more bananas. Never thought, constipation but aggravated, and finally went to the hospital for examination, the doctor told him, banana is the chief culprit of accelerating constipation. < / P > < p > if you do a street interview and ask about the food for moistening and defecating, I believe many people will mention bananas. The relationship between bananas and defecation is probably shaped to complement the shape, it is clear that many people eat banana defecation is not difficult, how come to Xiaoliu here will aggravate it? < / P > < p > it is because bananas are divided into two types: raw and ripe. Xiao Liu bought too many bananas, most of which are raw. The tannin substances in the bananas will astringent the water in the stool, and it will be more difficult to discharge the body after the stool is dry. After a long time, the constipation will be more serious. < / P > < p > the color of bananas is too delicate. The choice of fiber supplement is easy to be cheated by the appearance. In fact, the cellulose content of bananas is not as good as apples and pears. Some people have to say that I would like to eat more than a few, in fact, the cellulose content of five bananas can be equal to an apple, so you might as well eat an apple when you have this time. The first is honey water. Many people have a misconception that it is the most effective prescription. As long as constipation does not feel well, drink a bit can alleviate. If you are a fructose intolerant group, drinking a lot of honey water has a certain effect on moistening the intestinal tract, but ordinary people will only gain weight and increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract. The second food is yogurt. The yoghurt in the advertisement is rich in probiotics, helping the intestinal tract more unobstructed. But drink honey water with the same reason need more intake, usually a bottle of quantity in constipation when not play an obvious role, you may need to drink more, and not everyone will play a role. Constipation has broken the peace of life. Don’t eat bananas like Xiao Liu. Apart from bananas, yogurt and honey water can’t help you with constipation, and even aggravate your condition. If you are troubled by constipation for a long time, the best solution is to check your body, understand the cause and then take measures. Information sharing for epilepsy patients