Does fetus have memory in uterus? Scientific research results amazing, pregnant women should pay attention to

The birth of every life will experience a stage of fetal development, because the memory at that time is not preserved in time, leading to little knowledge of the fetal stage. With the deepening of scientific research, people found that: the original fetus also has memory. When Boris, a conductor of a Canadian Orchestra, suddenly appeared in his mind a piece that he had never played before. He felt very kind and familiar, but he had never played it. After understanding, it turned out that her mother was a professional cellist and had played this tune many times during her pregnancy. The cases of < / P > < p > are not rare. Pianist rubinsti, violinist menuin and others feel “deja vu” about some music that they have never been exposed to. Even if they don’t look at the music score, the melody of the music can’t help but come to mind. The reason is that their mother played these music repeatedly when she was pregnant. < / P > < p > I used to think it was amazing. For more than three months, I insisted on listening to music for her every day. Once, when she heard this song, her expression suddenly became excited and her small mouth grinned. I also felt very strange at that time. When I saw her happy, I held her and swayed gently with the rhythm of the music. According to a study published by the music research group at the school of psychology at the University of Leicester in the UK, one of the researchers, Lamont, said: we know that at 20 weeks, the fetus has fully developed hearing. Now we find that 12 months after birth, babies still remember and particularly like the music they heard in their mother’s womb. < p > < p > ikegawa Ming, the first doctor of intrauterine memory in Japan, has specially investigated 1620 children with an average age of 4 years. The results show that 33% of children have “intrauterine memory”, and 21% of children can remember the scene when they were born and can describe what they looked like at that time. Does this sound too shocking and amazing? Most of these children are 2-3 years old. It can be said that about 3 years old is the best period of fetal memory, after 6 years old, these memories will almost disappear. < / P > < p > many mothers also said that they had asked their children similar things, and the answers of these babies with intrauterine memory were similar: “playing, swimming, etc., also indicated that the mother had a long tube in her stomach. < p > < p > studies have shown that the fetus’s perception and experience of conscious incentive behavior will remain in memory for a long time. It is generally believed that the fetus has memory, and this ability gradually increases with the gestational age. < p > < p > someone has done an experiment, playing the sound of maternal blood and heart beating in the baby room of the hospital obstetrics department. The results showed that the newborn crying soon stopped crying, and the mood was stable, the diet and sleep conditions were good, and the weight was rapidly increasing. < / P > < p > if we can grasp that the fetus also has memory, we should pay attention to the cultivation of memory during pregnancy, and the children will be more intelligent after birth. < p > < p > scientific and wonderful fetal education music not only has a good role in promoting fetal intelligence and emotional quotient, but also has a good effect on regulating the mother’s mood during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the pregnant mother should transmit more positive, good and healthy information to the fetus, while those negative, violent and negative things should be contacted as little as possible. < p > < p > from the 5th month of pregnancy, the pregnant mother should start to carry out music fetal education in a planned way. The fetus is very sensitive to some sensory effects of the outside world, which is one of the growth and development conditions after birth. For example, Bach’s polyphonic music can make the baby quiet; the waltz can make the baby happy and cheerful; and the sonata can stimulate the baby’s enthusiasm. < p > < p > music suitable for the second trimester of pregnancy includes, Ellen Berg’s, John Strauss, etc. < p > < p > some educators believe that as long as a pocket recorder, a tape and an English lullaby, fetuses can become talents proficient in both languages in the future. It can be seen that fetal education plays an important role. The most important thing of English fetal education is that the mother should listen to English more, and then tell the baby what she heard, so that the fetus can hear the mother’s voice. < / P > < p > pregnant mothers can fix a time period according to their own living habits, such as 5-20 minutes a day, and carry out fetal education in English. You can also choose some beautiful children’s English books to read. < / P > < p > read more excellent Chinese and foreign literature classics. These works are the best teaching materials to cultivate the baby’s imagination, originality and enterprising spirit. Mothers and babies can experience the interest of literature together, cultivate artistic feelings, and promote the brain development of fetus and baby. < / P > < p > when you have a break, you can read the poems of Tang and Song Dynasty, and watch Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoons. They are all good ways to relax. On weekends, pregnant mothers can also experience the art around them, such as going to museums to appreciate historical collections, going to art museums to appreciate calligraphy or landscape paintings, and watching masterpieces of celebrities, which can improve their own aesthetic ability and help their baby’s aesthetic education ability. < / P > < p > I am yingma, a mother of one child, a master of parenting, a tutor of family education, and a creator of multi platform high-quality parenting. Like text, happy to share, I write my heart, welcome to pay attention to, forward, collect, comment. Focus