Does long tinea on golden hair infect person

Dermatophytosis on golden hair is mainly due to skin problems caused by fungal invasion. And fungal skin diseases will be transmitted to people and the probability, pet owners must pay more attention to it. In addition, fungal spores are not picky about the living environment, and the places where golden hairs go in and out may have hidden sources of infection. Therefore, pet owners should not only deal with tinea canis, but also isolate the dogs to avoid the spread of infection.

because dog ringworm has a very strong infectious power, the first thing for pet owners is to prepare a dog cage and a place or room far away from other pets for Jinmao, so as to avoid close contact between dogs and other pets or owners. At the same time, it is suggested that the Han people of pet use diluted disinfectant to disinfect the environment at home thoroughly. The toys, tableware, dog cages and dog mats used by Jinmao should be exposed to the sun after disinfection, or replaced with new ones regularly. Because of the long incubation period of fungi, disinfection and sterilization time to last for a long time, before the dog is completely cured, pet owners should regularly disinfect, and wash hands after each contact with golden hair.

after disinfection, pet owners should wear gloves to check the range and degree of ringworm on golden fur. If the whole body is covered with tinea canis, they should be sent to a doctor in time, shave their hair, and take a medicine bath once a week.

if it’s just local ringworm, cut and shave the hair around the ringworm, and then clean the ringworm with normal saline. Then use cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide for disinfection, and finally spray on the fun Wang man, the spraying area is slightly larger than the tinea spot. In order to prevent the dog from licking the dog ringworm, the pet owner should put on the Elizabethan cover to avoid scratching and licking.

psoriasis is not only related to the surrounding environment, but also to its own nutrition and resistance. Therefore, pet owners should pay attention to the appropriate rich dog’s diet, in the golden hair food mixed with Wang Xiang vitamin B, supplement the required vitamins and trace elements, maintain the skin acid-base balance, with pet itch fun can make golden hair better absorption and recovery.

during the period of ringworm, pet owners should try not to let the dog go out. In case of infection to other dogs, it will be bad. Direct in the balcony or the roof to the golden hair sun, disinfection and sterilization can be.