Does lung cancer really have no signal? The hints given frequently in the early days were ignored one by one

The lung is like an umbrella, its role in the human body is irreplaceable. People have the freedom to choose whether to take an umbrella or not on a rainy day. But people who don’t carry umbrellas may not be life-threatening, but may catch a cold and have a fever. People who take umbrellas are different. Their bodies will not be affected by the rain, and they will seldom catch a cold.

like an umbrella, it protects people’s internal organs at all times. Unlike the umbrella, this one can’t refuse to fight. If the lung has a disease, then external bacteria will continue to invade the lung, thus forming a variety of lung damage.

of course, the harm to the lungs is not fatal. What is important is that these bacteria will constantly enter other organs of the body, such as the liver and kidney. When these organs are damaged, they are life-threatening. For example, pneumonia caused by some special bacteria and viruses, such as the coronavirus, which began to ravage at the beginning of this year.

it is urgent to protect the lung, and the greatest threat of lung diseases is obviously lung cancer. Many people found lung cancer after expressed very surprised, feel that their body does not have any big problem, how can get cancer? Lung cancer is not ignored for no reason.

last year, a Mr. Zhang came to the hospital to see a doctor. After he was found to have lung cancer, he was also very surprised that he had never had any problems with his body. However, when asked about his recent physical symptoms, he said he had a persistent cough and his face was very gray.

speaking of this, the doctor quickly understood that Mr. Zhang’s lung cancer did not come suddenly, but had early signs. Similar to persistent cough, is the main symptom of lung cancer, but many people will ignore this symptom.

in their opinion, coughing may be caused by smoking, cold or inflammation in the bronchus, so they will not pay attention to it. But I don’t know that the cough of pneumonia is persistent, and there is no rule in the later stage. This kind of cough will appear at any time.

cough occurs more frequently, especially in the absence of effective conditioning. Even spread to the chest, chest pain, cough when there is pus or blood.

the other is the easily overlooked facial expression. For many people, the change of facial expression can not reflect a serious illness. But I don’t know how the skin color of a person is, so is the lung. When the lung is not good, the toxin is difficult to excrete, and a large amount of waste and toxin will accumulate on the skin, thus forming a certain harm to the skin.

due to the presence of toxins, it is inevitable that the skin color will become gray. There are also patients with skin, pores appear abnormally thick, the same is not easy to ignore the symptoms.

therefore, lung cancer is never sudden, and it is not asymptomatic. Similar to coughing and dark complexion are two distinct features. These two symptoms are not unique, there will be some accompanying symptoms.

if symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, dyspnea, hoarseness, weight loss and other symptoms appear collectively, it also indicates that the lung is damaged, and timely treatment should be carried out. 08/16/2020