Does natural delivery or caesarean section have an effect on children? Pediatrician: “three big differences” are obvious

With the continuous development of medical technology, cesarean section has been very mature. Many pregnant mothers are not only unwilling to bear the intense pain caused by natural birth, but also worry about all kinds of accidents that may happen to their babies in the process of natural birth. Even many pregnant mothers are worried that they can not have a natural birth, and that they have to suffer from double torture. Fortunately, they simply choose caesarean section, so they directly choose caesarean section.

many pediatricians are opposed to this. Compared with the natural delivery, cesarean section not only has a slower recovery, but also has many adverse effects on the fetus.

for a natural birth baby, the mother’s strong contractions can stimulate the fetal respiratory organs, squeeze the birth canal, and help the baby discharge the fluid in the respiratory tract, which is self-evident for the lung.

the baby delivered by caesarean section is directly “taken out” from the mother’s abdomen by the doctor. Without the normal procedure of extrusion, amniotic fluid may be retained in the baby’s respiratory tract. Therefore, there are certain disadvantages in the lung development of the baby born by caesarean section.

a baby who is born naturally will be squeezed in all directions. These are the first tactile experiences the baby receives. In this process, the baby will try to adjust his posture for the purpose of early birth, which is the “initial learning” process.

but the baby born by caesarean section “breaks through the wall” directly from the mother’s abdomen, thus losing this valuable learning experience, and sensory development may lag behind. This is also the reason why cesarean section babies learn to crawl and walk, which may be a little later than natural births.

a baby born by caesarean section is taken directly from the womb of the pregnant mother by the doctor, so the antibody from the mother cannot be obtained, and the immunity may be slightly lower.

a normal pelvis of a pregnant mother is the most basic requirement for natural childbirth. If a pregnant mother has a narrow or inclined pelvis, she cannot give birth to her baby through natural childbirth. Secondly, if you want to have a smooth birth, you have to have a rigid requirement for the soft birth canal of the pregnant mother. The pregnant mother must have no serious gynecological diseases or tumors.

natural childbirth has many requirements not only for the mother, but also for the fetus and baby. Fetal baby can not grow too large, but also to ensure that the fetal position is the normal head position, these conditions are met, the pregnant mother is likely to give birth to a baby through natural childbirth.

through these simple introductions, pregnant mothers have already understood the basic conditions of natural childbirth. At the same time, every pregnant mother also needs to know what conditions need cesarean section. In the process of giving birth, there are many situations that will exceed the expectations of the pregnant mother or the doctor. If these situations occur, the pregnant mother will face the birth of a child through a broken abdomen:

the pregnant mother must be familiar with the fetal heart rate, which is an important indicator to measure whether the fetus is healthy or not. If the fetal heart rate is abnormal, the doctor is bound to choose cesarean section decisively.

in order to make the baby develop better, many pregnant mothers attach great importance to nutrition supplement during the whole pregnancy. Over nutrition not only causes the fetus to grow too big, but also causes the pregnant mother to face cesarean section.

under normal circumstances, babies will face down and tighten their limbs in order to get to the world through the mother’s birth canal as soon as possible. Of course, there are a lot of pregnant babies who “don’t go the normal way”, which may be that the baby’s buttocks are downward or even the little feet are stretched out first. For these babies with incorrect posture, doctors can only take the baby to the world by cutting open the mother’s stomach.

it is extremely difficult for the pregnant mothers of twins to give birth. If the natural delivery is adopted, it is very likely that the baby in the abdomen will suffer from anoxia, and even cause the baby to suffocate in serious cases. For the sake of the health and safety of the baby, caesarean section is the best choice.

if a pregnant mother has ever given birth to a child by caesarean section, then when giving birth again, in order to avoid more serious trauma to the uterus, caesarean section is more suitable. Focus