Does natural labor choose “side cut” or “tear”? Which is more terrible? The difference is too obvious

Of course, if the maternal itself and the fetus have no problems, and all aspects of the index are up to the standard, the doctor will basically recommend the maternal “natural birth” to complete the production. And the whole process of natural labor, is undoubtedly abnormal suffering.

from the initial rupture of amniotic fluid, uterine contraction and labor pain, to the subsequent opening of ten fingers, and then to the final delivery of the fetal head and body, every step makes the puerpera fall into a very painful pain, embarrassment and even depression. Especially when many puerpera give birth, they are likely to be accompanied by the risk of “side cutting and tearing”, which is hard to resist.

some women who have not yet had a child do not know much about the side cutting and tearing during delivery. Now let’s take a specific look. What are the side cutting and tearing?

the so-called lateral incision refers to the midwifery process of manual intervention made by doctors in the process of delivery due to the narrow birth canal. As the name suggests, it is to cut the side of the birth canal to ensure the smooth production of the fetus.

in the process of delivery, pregnant women are likely to encounter the phenomenon of incorrect fetal position or too large fetal head, so the production process will become extremely difficult.

especially in the process of the fetus passing through the birth canal, the fetal head is too large or the maternal force is not appropriate, it is easy to cause tears. A slight tear will not have any effect, but once the tear is serious, it will not only affect the healing, but also affect the rectum and sphincter.

side cutting and tearing are two common phenomena in the process of natural labor, so some pregnant women will have questions: “which is better and easier, side cutting or tearing?” Some people in the past have different opinions.

it’s said that the lateral incision is better and the recovery is faster, and the tearing will make the skin become very loose, irregular when suturing, and the scar is very ugly. Some people say that tearing is better, and side cutting is too painful. I will never choose side cutting again.

in the process of production, in case of side cutting or tearing, which one should we choose? Everyone’s situation is different, the key is to see these two points.

when the elasticity of the maternal birth canal is good, there is basically no serious tearing and side cutting. Even if the fetal head is slightly too large, artificial side cutting is not recommended. Because of the good elasticity of the birth canal, with the help of doctors, the fetus can be delivered smoothly. If it is torn, the degree will not be too severe.

and after giving birth, because the elasticity of the sphincter and birth canal is better, the damage to the muscle is smaller, and the healing is easier and more convenient. In this case, tearing rather than side cutting is recommended.

the tough laceration of the parturient canal is easy to cause irreversible effects on the muscles, and the degree of laceration can be divided into four levels. Once it reaches level 3 or level 4 and needs stitches, it will cause certain harm to the body of the puerpera. And because the angle of tear is different, it will be difficult for the doctor to sew.

Moreover, if the tear is serious, the recovery speed of the puerpera will be slower. If the nursing is improper, the infection will occur, causing great harm and pain to the puerpera.

the difference between side cutting and tearing is very obvious. I hope you can choose whether to tear or side cut according to your own situation. Of course, in childbirth, the doctor will be based on maternal and fetal conditions at any time to consider, maternal should not be too nervous.

first of all, we should pay attention to the light diet after delivery. It is better to eat liquid food and drink more water to ensure the unobstructed stool, avoid constipation and reduce the burden of intestinal tract and sphincter. In this way, can greatly promote the healing of the wound, let the maternal less pain.

Moreover, after giving birth to a child, we must pay attention to the maintenance of personal hygiene. If you can’t take a bath for the time being, you must wipe it gently, and then disinfect it. On the one hand, it is to prevent the growth of bacteria, on the other hand, it is also to accelerate the healing of skin and flesh. I hope that pregnant women can pay attention to this.

for the above two points, I hope you can notice that tearing and side cutting sound terrible, but they are not so serious. Once they happen to you, you will feel very difficult.

pay more attention to walking during pregnancy, eat a light and nutritious diet, and control the weight of yourself and the fetus, so that there will be no big problems during delivery. And after childbirth only pay more attention, can let oneself less pain, also can let the wound heal faster. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE