Does physical examination discover gallbladder polyp can canceration? Such gallbladder polyps need to be removed!

The most common benign polyp is adenoma, and the malignant polyp only accounts for 0-0.7% of gallbladder polyps. It is characterized by single lesion, rapid growth rate, true polyp < / P > < p > B ultrasound: generally, B-ultrasound can be distinguished, false cholesterol crystal echo is strong. Enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance: B ultrasound can not be distinguished, can be used to enhance nuclear magnetic resonance examination. The gallbladder has the functions of storing bile, concentrating bile, secreting mucus and regulating the pressure of biliary tract. In benign diseases of gallbladder, efforts should be made to preserve the gallbladder and its function, and everything can not be done. < / P > < p > for gallbladder polyps with polyp diameter less than or equal to 5mm, a good lifestyle should be developed and B-ultrasound should be reviewed regularly. If the diameter of the polyp is more than 10 mm or the growth rate is fast, surgical intervention should be actively carried out, and the “gallbladder preserving polyp removal” method is preferred. However, if the rapid pathology shows malignancy during the operation, radical cholecystectomy should be performed according to the gallbladder tumor. < p > < p > prohibition of alcohol: alcohol can directly damage the liver function, make the secretion and discharge of bile disorder, thus stimulating the gallbladder to form polyps, or make the original polyps grow. Do not drink alcoholic drinks. Breakfast to eat well, diet to be regular: if you do not eat breakfast, night secretion of bile can not be used, will stay in the gallbladder, bile retention in the gallbladder will stimulate the gallbladder to form gallbladder polyps, or make the original polyps increase. Low cholesterol diet: excessive intake of cholesterol will aggravate the metabolism of the liver and gallbladder, causing excess cholesterol to crystallize and precipitate in the gallbladder wall, forming polyps, especially in the evening, avoid high cholesterol foods and animal oil. Eat less spicy, stimulating food. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, into low-fat, low cholesterol food. 08/16/2020