Does sweating represent good health? Solid line disease may be hidden behind sweating

Many people believe that the more sweat the body, the better the body, indicating that the body is in a state of constant metabolism, and toxins can be excreted from the body. In fact, sweating is not a sign of toxin excretion. It is mostly the body temperature that is regulating. In addition, some types of diseases can also lead to a lot of sweating, so when sweating obviously, we need to be vigilant to judge whether there are some types of diseases, in order to prevent the health from being affected.

a lot of sweating may be due to the development of hypoglycemia. Many people can’t keep their blood sugar stable after hypoglycemia. When the blood glucose is too low, some important organs of the body will decline, and the oxygen content in the blood is low, so it is unable to provide oxygen in time. If the blood is supplied to the necessary parts of the body, all kinds of adverse symptoms will appear frequently. Many patients are accompanied by palpitation, shaking hands, dizziness, etc A condition in which the body sweats heavily.

hyperthyroidism is the cause of sweating for many people. During the development of the disease, the secretion of thyroid hormone is obviously increased, and the body is in the state of hypermetabolism and nerve excitation. After being affected, the obvious characteristics are that the mood is easy to fluctuate, lose sleep, lose weight, and there will be a lot of sweating. If the thyroid function is abnormal and the thyroid hormone secreted is too much, the body should be adjusted in time to prevent the decline of thyroid function.

heart disease is the cause of a lot of people’s body sweating. During the development of heart disease, the heart will suffer from continuous ischemia and hypoxia. After the pain, many people will feel restless and sweat a lot. For example, familiar myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease, these types of diseases have obvious adverse physical symptoms in the development process, and sometimes a lot of cold sweat will occur.

according to the sweating performance of the body, we should combine other symptoms to make a comprehensive judgment. If there are signals of other heart diseases, targeted treatment should be carried out to prevent the continuous damage of heart function.

unexplained sweating may also be the development of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is a kind of mental disorder. In the process of development, patients tend to be nervous and anxious. Under the influence of emotional fluctuation and excessive anxiety, they will also sweat continuously.

in order to prevent this situation from becoming obvious, we should pay attention to the combination of work and rest at ordinary times, and promote health by releasing pressure and relieving bad emotions. Otherwise, there will be insomnia, inattention and sweating in hands and feet for a long time. HEALTHY LIFE