Does vitiligo need skin care? To do these four points well is to maintain them carefully

Vitiligo is a kind of depigmentation skin disease. The main symptom of vitiligo is that the skin of different parts of the body appears white patches of different sizes and irregular shapes, especially affecting a person’s appearance. Many people think that vitiligo patients do not need to skin care, good treatment on the line. However, everyone has the heart of beauty, vitiligo patients also have the right to pursue beauty, and good skin care can also let vitiligo get good control. Next, let’s learn about how vitiligo patients should protect their skin. < / P > < p > patients with vitiligo must pay attention to the protection of their skin in their daily life, not only the skin with white spots, but also other skin, which needs special care. If vitiligo patients are not careful to let themselves appear some wounds, to be well treated, if not handled properly, it is easy to have peer reactions, leading to leukoplakia. Do not want to let their skin white spots become more and more, you have to do a good job of skin care, do not let the skin be hurt, including the sun’s damage, including the external damage. The importance of sunscreen is needless to say, it can resist skin aging and keep skin young. In addition, sunscreen is also necessary for patients with vitiligo. If patients with vitiligo do not do a good job of sunscreen when they go out, it will make the skin’s melanocytes hyperactive, affect the synthesis of melanin, will make vitiligo more serious. When patients with vitiligo sunscreen, try to choose physical sunscreen, including wearing a sunshade cap and umbrella, and also including applying some sunscreen containing physical sunscreen components. The sunscreen with physical sunscreen components is relatively mild and suitable for patients with vitiligo to apply. < / P > < p > for some young people with vitiligo for a short time, the treatment will have a certain effect, but for some older people with a longer duration of vitiligo, the treatment is very difficult. People can use the method of covering to make the white spots on their face become less obvious and abrupt, use vitiligo masking liquid, and combined with some other cosmetic products, can make the whole look more natural. Vitiligo patients can make up, after all, they have the right to pursue beauty, but choose cosmetics with natural ingredients as far as possible, and do not paint too thick makeup, otherwise, some skin problems will easily appear. When you come home from the outside, you should also do a good job of removing makeup. Vitiligo concealing liquid can not remove makeup for a few days, but other make-up products must be well removed. < / P > < p > patients with vitiligo can’t completely ignore their skin. If they don’t take care of them, they will accelerate their skin aging and have a lot of skin problems. Basic skin care is indispensable, and the selection of basic skin care products should be careful. When choosing skin care products, choose natural, non irritating products that will not bring burden to skin. You can visit the forum of vitiligo patients and communicate with other vitiligo patients to see what kind of skin care products they use and how the effect is, and then go to buy them. When buying, try to choose small sample, so there is a chance to try, in order to avoid spending money. < / P > < p > patients with vitiligo also have the right to pursue beauty. Whether it is the need to control the disease or love beauty, skin care work must be done in place. The above are the skin care of vitiligo patients need to pay attention to a few places, I hope to help you. Focus