Does Yantai 9-year-old girl have “super ability” to read with blindfold? Reporter verified that “special function” suddenly failed news on August 10, as we all know, we usually need to use our eyes to see things. For example, it is difficult to see when there is no light at night. However, a 9-year-old girl in Yantai said that she can “read with blindfold”.

in the video, a little girl wearing a black eye mask can tell exactly what is on the card by rubbing a part of her body with the card a few times. Not only that, you can listen to the sound of playing cards through your ears, but you can also accurately tell the contents of the cards.

these incredible “special functions” that ordinary people see happen to a little girl. Nine year old Xiaoru is in third grade this year. Her mother, Ms. Xu, talks about Xiaoru with even more pride on her face: “she can read texts with blindfolded eyes, touch words and color cards, and it’s very accurate.”

at Ms. Xu’s home, the reporter saw Xiaoru. She looked no different from other children of the same age. Xiaoru told the reporter that she could see things with an eye mask because she had a “small sky eye”. “First put on the blindfold, and imagine that there is a big circle in front of you, which is the little sky eye. The little sky eye has been growing bigger and bigger, looking at you. You can see things through this small sky eye like a magnifying glass. ” Xiao Ru told reporters.

a nine-year-old girl told us that she had a “little sky eye”. Even if she was blindfolded, she could use it to read books. Is there really a heavenly eye in this world? Seeing is believing, Xiao Ru showed it to the reporter.

Xiao Ru sat at the table, wearing an eye mask and touching the words on the book. She could read them word by word. She felt very relaxed. Reporter also wearing a small Ru’s eye mask experience, found that the eye mask shading is very good, nothing can be seen.

is it true that Xiao Ru is different from ordinary people and has unexpected super abilities? However, in the eyes of ophthalmologists, this is completely impossible to achieve.

Xiaoru is wearing an eye mask and touching the colored paper with her hand. She can not only know what color it is, but also feel the temperature. In this way, Xiaoru’s hand also has a certain perception. So, even if you touch the paper with your back, can you feel it?

but this time, Xiao Ru’s “special function” is not working. “My little eye is on my forehead. If I can’t see it, I can’t feel it.” Xiao Ru explained.

Xiao Ru’s move aroused the suspicion of the reporter. According to her, she must face what she wants to see. The reporter once again carried on the test, does not take the eye mask, directly lets the small Ru close the eye to read.

this time, Xiao Ru’s “special function” failed again. She said that it was not dark enough to open the little sky eye. Can only wear an eye mask to open her “little sky eye”? What happens if you change the blindfold to something else?

when the reporter replaced the eye mask with a towel, Xiaoru showed a very tired state, and then refused to demonstrate. Reporters found that the opening of “small sky eye” must cooperate with the eye mask. What’s wrong with the eye mask?

to this end, reporters also put on eye masks. Unexpectedly, the reporter also has “special function”, in addition to blindfold literacy, like Xiaoru through the touch of perception can also be completed. For a while, journalists are like superpowers.

if you see this, you will suspect that there is some special energy in this eye mask, which makes people have magical “special functions”. But this is just because Xiaoru in the demonstration process, the reporter found one of the flaws.

the reporter found that the key to this special function lies in the area under the nose. As long as you cover this area with your hand, Xiaoru’s “special function” will fail. And in the process of demonstration, the reporter found that Xiao Ru would side her head every time, as if looking for an angle. After guidance, Xiaoru said the truth, she actually did not master any “special function”, just looking for an angle to see the word directly.

when a reporter puts on an eye mask and looks down, there is indeed a small slit where you can see things, but if you don’t look at it carefully, it’s really hard to find out. What’s more, the nose area of Xiaoru’s eye mask is relatively high. The bridge of the nose of children as old as Xiaoru is not so strong, so the gap will be bigger, and they can see more things than adults.

this incredible “special function” is actually due to a gap under the eye mask. But what is more surprising is that a nine year old girl, why make up such a story to deceive everyone?

we can experience the “super ability” in the training class, and the natural price is not low. In order to let Xiaoru learn this, Ms. Xu paid 268 tuition fees. Xiao Ru told reporters that most of what she learned was to touch characters with blindfolded eyes, as well as photographic memory, monitoring memory, and memory of writing poems and dialing books.

Ms. Xu told reporters that at first, she thought Xiaoru could master a quick memory method, and later recite the text faster and more efficiently. However, it does not seem to have much help for children’s learning. Xiaoru has some difficulty in reciting the two natural paragraphs in grade two of primary school. When she took Xiaoru to the experience class, the other side talked too much about it. When she said that reciting a text was to regard the text as a picture. Chinese characters and pictures were taken together in the brain. The child could call up this image from the brain screen with closed eyes, and then read according to the image on the brain screen. Then she handed in the name of 268 newspapers.

is it really as mysterious as Ms. Xu said? How will training institutions introduce their courses in the enrollment process? The reporter took the children to experience it.

the staff of Yeda education whole brain potential development center of Shandong Yeda Education Technology Co., Ltd. said that children can be trained to read with blindfolded eyes in seven days at most. “Feel with the touch of your hand. For example, when you touch the word” sky “, a blue sky will appear in your mind, and then it will be directly transformed into an image. In space, children can be connected to the universe. And not only that, children can also improve their memory in class here, quickly open a book, and then use their ears to listen to the sound of turning books, you can hear 80% of the content