Dog education is very important

Even the most adorable dog may develop a habit of annoying and unhappy owners in a limited family environment. It is easier to prevent bad habits from happening by training dogs to be obedient since childhood, and it is easier to prevent them than to correct them. If you find that some of your dog’s behaviors at home are harmful, you should return to some basic training and adopt a mutually acceptable corrective method to make your dog obey. Remember, dogs don’t mean to do bad things to get back at their owners. The fact that humans like to use punishment doesn’t apply to dogs.

smart, obedient and smart, which is almost every dog friend’s expectation of their own dog. Never go out of line, only do what the host allows; when the master calls, quickly return to the master; when crossing the road, you will wait by the crossroads, instead of rushing in the traffic; never jump on the table and eat the steak completely when the host is unprepared Who doesn’t want such a smart, sensible and cultured dog? If you want your dog to have such a performance, then quickly start to educate and train it. You know, education should start with the baby.

when the dog performs well, the owner gives him appropriate affirmation and praise; when he does something wrong, the owner gives him certain punishment and punishment. In this way, the owner let the dog know what he can and can’t do, and then let him know what rules he needs to abide by in the human world. Long term training and education can make the dog’s behavior more civilized, can act according to the owner’s request.