Dong Xuan confesses that she missed the chance of becoming a child and felt inferior because she became fat

Recently, in an interview with a program, Dong Xuan rarely talked about his past experience. She said that when her career was booming, there were a lot of people who wanted to make their own films, and the roles were all very good. Basically, they were No.1 women. But at that time, she especially wanted to get married and have children, and she was very firm. Dong Xuan also said that at that time, he didn’t make a film for almost three years, which was a special pity for him, because the later plays and roles became very popular and popular. < / P > < p > she also talked about getting very fat when she was preparing for pregnancy. When she was the fattest, she was 160 kg. This made her feel inferior, and she didn’t dare to go to the street or try on clothes. She felt that no matter what clothes she put on, she was particularly ugly, which made her less confident. During the interview, Dong Xuan also said that she actually had a child before her dimple. She only went to the hospital for a birth check-up more than 50 days ago and found that she had no heartbeat. At that time, she was completely collapsed. Fortunately, the dimple was born smoothly, which also made Dong Xuan feel that he was particularly great. All the previous efforts were worth it. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE