Don’t always drink Soybean Milk in breakfast, these three kinds of play together, invigorate spleen and stomach, especially nourish skin!

Although the beginning of autumn marks the beginning of autumn, in a long period of time, the temperature is usually relatively high. People can not feel the cool and dry autumn, but everywhere is hot and humid. In addition, people often eat cold dishes and cold drinks in summer, and most people have the phenomenon of weakened spleen and stomach function. At this time, if people eat supplements, they will increase the burden of spleen and stomach. Therefore, early autumn tonic, should be Qing Bu, not too greasy.

autumn is also the mature season of fresh walnuts. Most of them have only seen dried walnuts, but few people have seen fresh walnuts. In fact, walnut is also wrapped in a thick coat, the appearance looks like a pear. Fresh walnuts must be peeled off to eat. The white walnuts are crisp, tender and delicious. They can be eaten raw or used as cold dishes.

the fruits and vegetables in autumn are particularly rich. What kind of melon is most suitable for autumn? Here we would like to recommend pumpkin. Pumpkin is a seasonal vegetable in autumn. In the right season, eating the right vegetables is the most beneficial to the health of the body. The nutrition of pumpkin in golden autumn is the best, the taste is sweet, and the price is especially affordable. It can be used to cook dishes and make various delicious snacks. The color of yellow, orange and orange looks particularly appetizing.

what are the benefits of eating pumpkin for us? Pumpkin is warm in nature and sweet in taste. It can improve the deficiency and cold of spleen and stomach. First of all, pumpkin contains vitamins and pectin, can eliminate the body’s bacterial toxins and harmful substances, so as to play the role of detoxification, and improve the seasonal constipation caused by autumn dryness. Pumpkin also contains a large number of carotene, can strengthen the spleen and liver, prevent gastritis, night blindness, make the skin become tender. Pumpkin also contains rich zinc, zinc is an important material for human growth and development, but also can promote hematopoiesis.

in today’s market, there are many kinds of pumpkin, such as Beibei pumpkin, honey pumpkin, Guifei pumpkin, chestnut pumpkin, Cream Pumpkin, old pumpkin and so on. There are different sizes, different prices and different tastes. Cheap a few cents a catty, expensive is better a few yuan a catty. The cheapest is the old pumpkin, which has a relatively high water content and is particularly suitable for making Chinese pasta and Western bread. Most of the other new varieties taste more noodles, sweetness is high, and it tastes pink and glutinous.

remove the shell of fresh walnut, and then tear off the walnut coat inside. Fresh walnuts can be easily torn off. If it is a dry walnut, you can put the walnuts in warm water for 20 minutes and then remove the walnut coat. The taste of the walnut coat is a bit astringent and bitter.

put all the ingredients into the rice breaking machine. If there is no broken wall machine, soybean milk machine can be used instead. If you use a cooking machine, you can cook the food in advance and then add water to stir it.

then add 300 ml pure water to the wall breaking machine and activate the rice paste function key. At the end of the program, add a proper amount of water to start the cleaning function, which avoids the trouble of hand washing and is very convenient.

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