Don’t be afraid of lumbar protrusion. It can be found. The doctor said that by doing so, one can be cured in a month

Lumbar disc herniation is a long-term chronic disease that plagues the majority of people. It is mainly manifested as low back pain, numbness and weakness of lower limbs, radiation pain of legs and buttocks, etc.

is the first to appear in most patients, the incidence rate is about 91%, because the outer layer of the annulus fibrosus and the posterior longitudinal ligament are stimulated by the nucleus pulposus, through the sinus vertebrae nerve and produce low back pain, sometimes accompanied by hip pain.

although high protrusion can cause femoral neuralgia, it is rare in clinic, less than 5%. The vast majority of patients are in the lumbar 4 ~ 5, lumbar 5 ~ sacral 1 space prominent, the performance of the lumbar plexus to the hip, thigh rear, lateral leg to the foot of radiation pain, or sciatica.

protrusion of nucleus pulposus or prolapse to the right rear, compression of cauda equina nerve by free intervertebral disc tissue, attention should be paid to the performance of defecation, small series of mental retardation, and abnormal sensation around anus.

1. women’s muscle ligament and other structural strength is not as good as men; during pregnancy and childbirth, the ligament system is relaxed, and the posterior longitudinal ligament is prone to suffer from disc herniation on the basis of relaxation and degeneration, and the incidence rate of multiple pregnancy increases. Women like to wear high-heeled shoes to make lumbar lordosis, hip kyphosis and body axis move forward; women are the main executors of bending housework.

2. Improper lumbar posture can cause lumbar disc herniation. When the waist is in flexion position, if it is rotated suddenly, it is easy to induce nucleus pulposus herniation.

3. If the body weight is too large, the lumbar vertebrae bear greater pressure, and if the body weight is too light, the lumbar muscles are difficult to provide enough protection, which are easy to induce lumbar disc herniation.

4. Trauma may lead to the lumbar muscles can no longer provide enough protection around the lumbar intervertebral disc, and even affect the stability of the lumbar spine, and induce lumbar disc herniation.

the patient needs to stand with his feet apart and shoulder width, put his hands in the waist, rotate his waist clockwise and counterclockwise once, and then rotate 8 times in turn from small to large.

the patient is in the supine position, with elbows bent and knees bent on both sides, and with the head, feet and elbows as support, the waist is arched vigorously. So many times, according to the individual physique, to the best degree of fatigue.

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action points: bend your knees in supine position, hold your knees close to the chest as far as possible, then put them down, one up and one down as one action, and make 20-30 consecutive movements. Be careful not to arch your back away from the bed.

action points: in the lateral position, the upper leg can be extended, the lower knee can be slightly bent, the upper leg can be raised, and then slowly put down, repeated dozens of times. In the movement, it is not a fast lift, but a slow abduction and return to the original position under control.

action points: support with both knees and hands in prone position, straighten the right upper limb and left lower limb for 5 seconds, repeat 10 times, and change to the other side. Keep your back tight and your hands and feet steady during training.

action points: sit on the bed, bend one knee slightly, straighten the other lower limb, press the trunk forward to the straightened lower limb, and then exchange it with the other lower limb. This action can also be carried out in standing position, with lower limbs on the back of the chair in front. The degree of tension should not be felt.

action points: supine position, double knees flexion, abdomen retraction, trunk lifting, hands touching knees. This action is to keep the knee at 90-120 degrees to the ground all the time. 20