Don’t be blinded by the “flower work” of shampoo

In hot summer, hair care has become a problem for many women. Why do you wash your hair every day? Obviously already used to go dandruff shampoo, why scalp still itchy, still have dandruff? Can dandruff shampoo be used for a long time? Can traditional shampoo containing silicone oil really stimulate skin, cause allergy and even cause cancer? Is silicone free shampoo suitable for everyone? Is it necessary for us to wash our hair every day

experts point out that when the head itches and dandruff is too much, it is necessary to find out whether it is caused by physiology or pathology in time, so as to symptomatic treatment; when there is no symptom, do not use dandruff shampoo for the time being, let alone long-term use. It is normal for adults to lose 70-100 hairs a day. In modern society, people work overtime and stay up late, emotional stress, endocrine disorders, stimulating diet, diet and so on are the causes of hair loss. Hair loss has nothing to do with silicone oil shampoo. And frequent shampoo can make scalp cuticle metabolism is too fast, can also cause hair loss, even if it is oily hair, wash once every other day.

experts also suggest that women should improve their awareness of scalp health care, develop good living habits such as not staying up late, eating less spicy and greasy food, and learning to reduce pressure. Only when the scalp is in a healthy state can dandruff disappear and their hair will not be greasy. When choosing shampoo, do not blindly follow the trend of advertising, online Red live with goods, etc., should be based on the quality of each person’s hair to choose suitable shampoo, shampoo each has its own advantages, only suitable for their own is the best. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE