Don’t blame the doctor for not playing in the bathroom

When you go to the toilet, you must bring your mobile phone, play games, brush micro blog, brush circle of friends, watch videos and so on. Obsession with cell phone brushing leads to delay in leaving the toilet, and forgetting the time may take more than ten minutes or even longer to go to the toilet. This may be a true portrayal of many friends going to the toilet. But do you know that going to the toilet for a long time will bring all kinds of diseases, but most people don’t know, because they won’t pay attention to these details. If you know that there will be a lot of harm, I believe everyone will keep good habits. < / P > < p > the first problem is anorectal problem. There is clinical evidence that the relationship between long toilet time and hemorrhoids, timely in the case of no constipation, the toilet because of playing mobile phones, reading newspapers lead to a long time of bad defecation, will lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids. There is a layer of anal cushion under the mucous membrane of human anal canal, just like the existence of a sliding door. Anal pad itself has elasticity and toughness, it can close the anal canal, control defecation. But in the case of toilet time is too long, abdominal pressure will rise, will lead to the effect of closure weakened, cause hemorrhoids and other anorectal diseases. < / P > < p > the rectum is at the end of the abdominal cavity of the human body. After going to the toilet for a long time, the return of rectal vein is blocked, and the end blood flow is blocked, which can lead to venous vasodilatation and cause problems. In addition, defecation is one of the actions of muscle reflex. The central nervous system in the human brain participates in this reflex activity. Playing with mobile phones will interfere with the brain’s defecation, issue defecation command, and prolong the defecation time. Over time, it is easy to form defecation difficulties, or habitual constipation. < / P > < p > the second problem is cervical spine. You may know that going to the toilet for a long time has a problem with the anus and intestines, but you don’t know that it also has a certain impact on the cervical spine. Looking down at the mobile phone for a long time is an important cause of cervical spondylosis. When going to the toilet, the body will unconsciously lean forward, and the cervical spine will be greatly compressed, so that the pressure will be too great. This can lead to changes in cervical lordosis, like giraffe neck forward. < / P > < p > this posture is very ugly and not beautiful. At the same time, cervical disc or cervical disc instability can also cause. Especially when squatting, because of the lack of support of lumbar vertebrae, the original curvature of lumbar vertebrae will be changed, so that the intervertebral disc will be subject to great gravity. If it goes on like this, it will induce lumbar disc herniation. I didn’t expect that some small actions could cause such damage. So we must adjust our toilet habits in our daily life. < / P > < p > here is a warm reminder that no matter how the toilet posture is, it is recommended that the time to go to the toilet should not exceed 10 minutes. Toilet should not chat, brush video, play mobile phones, read newspapers, but should be quiet and attentive to enjoy, natural defecation brings pleasure. < / P > < p > just because there are more people who go to the toilet with mobile phones, there are many people whose mobile phones fall into the toilet, which is a bad habit of hurting the body and money. Therefore, going to the toilet to play with mobile phones is undoubtedly a temporary pleasure based on permanent injury to the body. It’s better to go to the toilet safely and play with your mobile phone properly. Pets