Don’t drink a drop! World authoritative research has confirmed that there are no health benefits

The research team analyzed the sex, age, alcohol consumption, frequency of drinking and other factors in detail, so as to thoroughly identify the health hazards of alcohol. < / P > < p > then, how much harm is this? Data analysis shows that among the 32 million people who die every year for various reasons, drinking directly causes 2.8 million deaths, which is the seventh leading cause of death and disability! Due to its large population, China is the country with the largest number of drinking deaths in the world, with 700000 people drinking their lives every year! < / P > < p > this study shows that drinking alcohol has no benefit at all. What happened to the saying that “a small amount of alcohol is beneficial”? Is drinking good for people? < p > < p > just two months ago, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stopped a clinical trial to prove that small amounts of alcohol a day are beneficial to health. Because of the 100 million US dollars needed for the experiment, two thirds of them were provided by the major distilleries How persuasive can such an experiment be? In their paper, the research team said: “drinking is good for health, which has been believed for many years, is time to be rewritten. The results of this study show that there is no such claim that moderate drinking is beneficial to health, and this conclusion is quite different from almost all the current health guidelines Of course, it depends on how much alcohol you drink. If the daily intake of pure alcohol is less than 10 grams, the risk will only increase by 0.5% compared with no drinking. But at present, the so-called moderate drinking will increase the risk of death by 7%, and the risk of drinking more will increase linearly. What’s more, once the wine is drunk, how many people can really “drink moderately” without harming themselves? Therefore, some experts clearly said: “the conclusion is very clear, drinking is a huge health problem in the world. If you want to live long and well, don’t drink HEALTHY LIFE