Don’t miss late autumn! Teach you to make autumn pear cream at home, without adding 1 drop of water, moisten your throat without coughing

Late autumn has arrived, the weather is getting cold, after frost also means that autumn has come to an end, the pace of winter is like us. In another month, especially in the northern region, the temperature at night will reach below zero centigrade. We must pay attention to keep warm and cold. < / P > < p > at this time, our family will make some autumn pear paste. The air is dry and cold during the autumn and winter seasons. Not only dry skin, throat and nose are dry, especially easy to cough, drink more autumn pear cream, has a good moisturizing effect, can not only moisten the throat, but also nourish the lung, is the essential tonic in autumn and winter. In September, pears were sold all over the streets. They were very fresh and the price was very suitable. It was just right to buy some pears for autumn cream. They do it at home clean and hygienic, without additives, do some put up, can drink for a long time. Home