Don’t panic if you have bad breath. If you eat more of these four kinds of food, your breath will become more and more “fresh”

If you want to keep your breath fresh, you should maintain a healthy oral environment in a reasonable way. Many people have bad breath, which is closely related to the growth of oral bacteria. However, adjusting the body through diet can restore the breath to fresh. Otherwise, persistent halitosis will always emit bad smell in the process of communication with people, which will make people avoid it. So, when halitosis appears, what good methods can help improve it?

if you find that your mouth gives out a bad smell, you can eat yogurt properly. Yogurt not only has high nutritional value, but also can reduce the content of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth by obtaining rich nutrition. The reason why many people have bad smell in the mouth is related to the increase of hydrogen sulfide content.

by drinking yoghurt, the production of harmful bacteria in oral cavity can be inhibited, the amount of hydrogen sulfide produced will be reduced, and the bad smell of oral cavity will be improved. Therefore, in the process of inhibiting oral bacteria and improving halitosis, yogurt can be properly drunk.

the mouth produces a bad smell, so it’s better to eat citrus properly in the process of eating. Citrus is rich in vitamins, which can improve the body’s resistance and inhibit the growth of bacteria by enhancing immune function. Many people’s oral health environment is damaged, the resistance becomes weak, and it is easier to breed bacteria.

a large number of bacteria are harmful to the health of gums and teeth, and may cause bad smell in the mouth. Therefore, in order to alleviate halitosis, eating citrus properly is a good choice. It can not only provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the human body, but also obtain them in time, so as to enhance the resistance and improve the halitosis.

if you find yourself halitosis, you can improve it by eating parsley. Celery is good for eliminating special oral odor, especially long-term smoking can make the mouth emit bad smell. Chewing parsley can improve it. After the nutrients are obtained, the bacteria in the mouth are inhibited, and the odor is eliminated. The fresh breath can also be restored.

if you have a bad smell in your mouth, you can choose mint to chew. Mint leaves taste cool, and mint itself has the effect of fresh breath, but also on oral bacteria inhibition. Therefore, it is found that halitosis is more obvious, which can be improved by chewing mint leaves, and the oral cavity will keep fresh.

it can be seen that obvious halitosis can be improved through diet regulation. If you eat more of the above types of food, the bad smell from the mouth will be alleviated. If there is no improvement through diet regulation.

in addition, attention should be paid to oral care, and oral hygiene can be maintained by brushing teeth in the morning and evening and gargling after meals. If there is a local accumulation of dental stones, regular cleaning can be used to relieve halitosis, which can keep the mouth fresh. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here