Don’t take a nap longer than this! Be careful to cause disease

Nap can not only help people recover energy, eliminate pressure, help digestion, but also enhance the memory of preschool children and improve learning efficiency. But to be specific, how long is the nap? How to sleep? It can be said that this is a big problem in many people’s hearts & hellip; & hellip; < / P > < p > many people may have such experience. After sleeping for a long time, they still feel tired after waking up. They show a state of “waking up but not waking up”. Their consciousness is not clear, their thinking is disordered, and even there is a tendency of violence. This phenomenon is called “sleeping drunk” in medicine, which is very similar to the state of being drunk. In fact, normal sleep can be divided into five different stages: sleep, shallow sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement, and sleep itself is a state from the shallow to the deep. In general, each sleep cycle lasts for 90-110 minutes. After falling asleep for more than 30 minutes, it will change from shallow sleep to mature sleep. Generally speaking, if the nap exceeds 30 minutes, the brain will go into deep sleep or deep sleep according to the instructions of the biological clock. An alarm clock or an event will wake you up. At this time, if the brain is still in the deep sleep stage and the body is forced to “go to work”, it will lead to problems such as feeling very tired, sleepless, no spirit, etc. < / P > < p > a short nap generally does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Short naps can also improve heart health in people who don’t get enough sleep at night. For people with low blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, the fluctuation of blood pressure after waking up after a long nap will increase the burden on blood vessels. < / P > < p > in addition, taking a nap for more than 1 hour at night will be far less than the normal sleep time. In the long run, it will affect the normal work and rest time and health of the human body. < p > < p > when you are full, you can take a nap immediately, which can easily lead to dyspepsia, gastritis and even reflux esophagitis. The best time is to take a nap after 15 minutes. < / P > < p > try not to take a nap directly on the table. Long term lying down will do harm to the body. It’s better to lie down and sleep on the back of the chair if there is no way to do so, which is conducive to the blood circulation of the whole body. Prepare a U-shaped pillow and cover it on the neck when taking a nap, so that the cervical spine can be fully relaxed. < / P > < p > people with poor sleep at night can recover their physical strength and energy by taking a nap in the afternoon. Office workers, can shorten the nap time to 5-10 minutes, will also get a better rest. For most people, 15 to 40 minutes of sleep at noon is the most appropriate, even if not asleep, can also rest the brain and relieve eye fatigue, the most effective for mental recovery, but not more than 1 hour. Focus