Don’t take aspirin indiscriminately. Be careful to become a lethal drug! Thrombus is afraid of this bean, eat a little every day

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “blood stasis causes all kinds of diseases”. From the age of 30, cholesterol and triglycerides in the human body begin to deposit in the blood vessels.

according to statistics, the death caused by thrombotic diseases has accounted for 51% of the total deaths in the world, far higher than that of tumors, infectious diseases and respiratory diseases!

coronary heart disease was found in the first year, and chest tightness and palpitation of unknown causes were usually found. After retirement in 2001, the symptoms worsened and the right leg became numb. After going to the hospital for coronary angiography, it was found that 60% of the anterior descending branch was blocked. In 2005, after the blood vessel was blocked, stents were made. By April 2006, there was a sudden myocardial infarction.

plaque deposition makes blood vessels blocked, leading to a double increase in the incidence of stroke and myocardial infarction. Thrombosis in the cerebral blood vessels, mild lacunar cerebral infarction, severe hemiplegia, aphasia, coma, and even sudden death. Thrombus is blocked in the peripheral arteries, which may cause intermittent claudication, pain and even amputation due to gangrene. If the thrombus is blocked in the small intestine and kidney, it can cause intestinal necrosis and renal embolism.

long age spot is a manifestation of the disorder of blood circulation and metabolism of the skin.

as we get older, our memory will decline, and we will become forgetful and unable to remember things. This is also because small blood vessels are blocked, resulting in brain nerve loss and brain function decline.

recently, they are depressed; they are too serious; they like to eat convenient food, biscuits and snacks; they prefer meat; they lack physical exercise; they smoke cigarettes every day x their smoking age is more than 400; they have chest pain when climbing stairs; their hands and feet are cold and paralyzed; they often lose their minds; their blood pressure is high; their cholesterol or blood sugar level is high; some of their relatives die of stroke.

in addition, the anthocyanins and vitamin E contained in black bean skin are also very beneficial to women. Both are effective antioxidants, which can help people reduce wrinkles and delay aging.

among them, there is a record about vinegar beans, which contains: “black beans boil vinegar, nourish the stomach and kidney, and urinate with strangulation.” In fact, there has been a saying that vinegar soaked black beans can reduce blood pressure, lose weight, beautify, resist cold, detoxify and treat constipation.

2. Take it out, put it into a clean container and soak it in vinegar. The proportion is not limited and black beans are submerged.

4. Sealed storage, after 7 days, black beans are full of vinegar, shiny and lustrous. When you open the lid, you can start.

soaked beans are used for cooking by greedy colleagues! It’s not dark at all. It’s delicious! Usually, there are not many black beans stir fried dishes. If this dish goes on, the diet therapy and tonifying the kidney depend on it. The meat can be vegetarian and the thief is delicious.

there are two ways to soak black beans in vinegar: fully steaming and soaking vinegar has good taste, but the nutrition is easy to lose. Pickled in vinegar with raw beans, pickled for a long time, has a slightly poor taste, but is rich in nutrition. Stir fry black beans until they are ripe, neutralizing the two advantages. If the quality of vinegar is high, the taste will be better.

the anthocyanins in black beans are very good antioxidants. In acidic solution, anthocyanins have the best antioxidant and anti free radical ability, and are more easily absorbed by human body.

improve hair loss and eyesight; improve hypertension and hyperlipidemia; improve constipation; improve shoulder pain and improve energy; if you think vinegar soaking is too troublesome, there are already soaked black beans in vinegar. What attracts me most is 7-year-old black beans. It is very convenient to put eight year old vinegar into it for 3 months. This product is more patient and more attentive than most of the production. It’s equivalent to spending money on someone else’s time making it. HEALTHY LIFE