“Don’t touch me, will be pregnant” in the face of “touch on pregnancy” she, should be happy or nervous

Qiu Yue and Qiu Ji are twin sisters. They were born together, went to school together, worked together, and fell in love almost at the same time. At the end of last year, they had a wedding together. People around think that they will have children together, but it is not what people think. Qiu Yue soon became pregnant after marriage, but there was no news from her sister. < / P > < p > the parents couldn’t bear it, so they took their sister to the hospital for examination, and everything was normal. The doctor gave such an explanation that the elder sister could get pregnant smoothly after marriage, indicating that she was “easily pregnant”, while the younger sister was just the opposite. In fact, women with easy pregnancy constitution can be shown through some details. < / P > < p > regular menstruation and ovulation habits make it easier for eggs and sperm to meet and combine, that is, the probability of pregnancy is higher. On the contrary, if you don’t menstruate once a year, the ovulation rule has not formed basically, and the sperm returns empty handed every time. In this form, if you can get pregnant, it is a fantastic story. < / P > < p > If a woman’s body has diseases, deformities, inflammation, etc., it is not easy to get pregnant. This is equivalent to that there is a problem with the land where the seeds are planted. Even if the seeds are of good quality, they are not suitable for the growth and development of the seeds, and the seeds will not sprout. Therefore, in order not to affect the inheritance, according to the provisions of Premarital Check-up, before pregnancy to do the relevant physical examination, are necessary. Don’t be afraid of trouble. In addition, the cold uterus is also one of the reasons why women are not easy to get pregnant. Therefore, it is better for girls not to wear navel exposed clothes outdoors, and pay attention to the warmth of abdomen and feet. Especially in early spring and winter. In fact, in the process of human reproduction, the human body has formed a regular endocrine system, which can be broken by modern bad living habits. Once the body balance is broken, not only do not love pregnancy, a variety of diseases will come. < p > < p > through experiments and years of follow-up surveys, scientists have found that women with anxiety and depression are less likely to get pregnant. This also shows that the state of mind and emotions for the continuation of life has some important and decisive significance. Therefore, when you are anxious to have a baby after marriage, it is often not easy to succeed. You should learn to relax and wait for fate to come. In fact, there are many examples in this regard. A woman after marriage infertility, all kinds of treatment, all kinds of prescriptions, all kinds of attempts, all ended in failure. Despondent, she and her husband simply want to open, eat, play. Anyway, I left the birth of children out of my mind. But unexpectedly, the woman was pregnant. When she was pregnant for 4 years, a woman who thought she was sick went to the hospital for examination and found out that she was pregnant. < / P > < p > obviously, sister Qiu Yue is very lucky. If she has the first four items at the same time, she becomes a “easy pregnancy constitution” and allows herself to “touch one pregnancy”. But the younger sister, must be which aspect has the question, in order not to affect the family harmony, starts from the above four aspects, and makes the improvement, wishes early pregnancy. 08/16/2020