Don’t use essence like this all the time, it doesn’t cost much money! Pay attention to the three key points, and the effect will be increased ten times

women who care about skin care basically take their skin care procedures seriously every morning and evening. They will clean their face, skin care, apply facial mask and so on. There will be many fine pig girls who will choose to use the essence. However, after a period of time, the benefits of the essence are not found. What is this? In fact, it’s not the product itself that has problems, it’s your own problems. The essence of

is extracted from high nutrients and concentrated. Its ingredients are exquisite, powerful and effective. According to the role of anti-aging, anti wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, freckle, acne and so on.

and the high nutrition of the essence also determines that the essence is not the more, the better, probably because the excess ingredients that can not be absorbed will cause the burden of the skin, so don’t use too much, so as not to cause the appearance of fat granules. The essence of a soya bean size is enough. The order of skin care products in

is mainly based on the principle of light in the former. Although the nutrient content of essence is relatively high, it has no function of locking water, so it should be used before the lotion. When the essence of

is used too much, the skin will not absorb too much essence. It may even backfire. In fact, it takes only 2 to 3 drops. Your name will always exist on the Internet