Don’t worry about “waves” when Baoma gives birth. Pay attention to check these six items. The most beautiful C position is still you

Looking forward to, looking forward to, the date of birth really arrived. Baoma, who stayed at home during her confinement, wanted to go out of the “waves” immediately, let herself fly, and return to the C position of the sister group. < p > < p > it’s true that you can go out when you are out of the month, but it is suggested that Baoma first resist the “excited heart shaking” and report to the hospital first to do a comprehensive physical examination to know about her postpartum recovery. < p > < p > the traditional confinement period is about 30 days, with one month. However, with the development of the times, now the confinement has been added to the “fresh blood”. < / P > < p > for Baoma, it is not only the recovery time of body functions, but also a “ritual sense” for a woman to adapt to be a mother, which is a key period of psychological adaptation. < p > < p > however, some self-confident Baoma felt that they felt good about themselves, so it was better to have more than one thing less. They felt that the examination was also a “pit of money”, so they willfully refused to check. < p > < p > in different hospitals in different regions, the items of postpartum examination will be more or less different, but Baoma had better “not less than one” of the six main examinations. < / P > < p > when you go to a hospital for an examination, you will generally have to measure your weight and blood pressure. The doctor will also ask about some physical conditions. For example, whether there is any discomfort in the body, the basic situation of breast-feeding, whether the lochia of the body has been drained clean, etc. < / P > < p > for pregnant women with pregnancy induced hypertension and hyperglycemia, this item is also essential. It is necessary to monitor whether the pregnant mother has recovered well after delivery. < / P > < p >] there are many pregnant mothers who are overweight during pregnancy. Weight is also an important reference standard for postpartum recovery. Postpartum weight recovery, is also a focus of Baoma postpartum recovery. < p > < p > therefore, it is essential to check blood pressure after a pregnant mother gives birth to a baby. Whether she has high blood pressure or low blood pressure, she needs to pay attention to it. < p > < p > is mainly used to check whether the hemoglobin and platelets in the body of Baoma return to normal range after delivery, especially those with anemia or excessive blood loss during delivery. < p > < p > routine urine test is also an item that needs to be checked. If Baoma has high blood pressure during pregnancy or feels uncomfortable urinating, she must not miss this test. < / P > < p > postpartum recovery depends mainly on the recovery of uterus. Hospital postpartum review items, usually include: lochia, uterine conditions, etc. < p > < p > during pregnancy, the volume of womb in women increases from normal 50g to 1000g due to fetal treasure, and the volume of uterus increases like a balloon. < p > < p > after Baoma’s delivery, the uterus needs to recover from the “big palace” to the “small spot” before pregnancy. During the 42 day recovery period, the recovery of the uterus is actually a “huge” project. The pelvic floor muscles act like a huge fishing net. Treasure mother’s uterus, rectum, bladder and other important organs are lifted up, each belongs to you, Baoma can be safe and healthy. < / P > < p > if there are problems in the recovery of pelvic floor muscles, the quality of life of Baoma will be seriously affected, which may cause leakage of urine and defecation, and affect the life of husband and wife. Don’t miss this test. During the delivery process of Baoma, the fetus needs to pass through the birth canal, which usually causes tear or crush injury to the vaginal muscles. Doctors can judge by lochia, and pay attention to this point during reexamination. < / P > < p > doctors usually check the recovery of the wound. If it grows well, you don’t have to worry about it. If there are problems with the wound, you need to cooperate with the doctor. < p > < p > after the birth of Baoma, don’t rush out to “wave”. First report to the hospital to see how her postpartum recovery is. After checking, she can feel at ease. < / P > < p > I’m a candy mom. I’m a learning and growing treasure mother. I’m focused on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise a baby easily, don’t forget to pay attention to it. The candy mom team will answer questions and solve doubts about your parenting. HEALTHY LIFE