“Doting wife maniac” fire, the school flower wife raised to 300 Jin, now fat to recognize

However, it is not only women who become more and more beautiful after marriage. Some women are too happy after marriage to live a happy life without worry and worry, so that they are broad-minded and fat, leading to their own weight rising, which leads to the decline of their appearance. < p > < p > the post-90s Xiao Chen was once a famous school flower in the school, with sweet and lovely appearance, slim figure, and many pursuers. However, Xiao Chen was always unmoved and took a fancy to the honest and honest Xiao Hu. Xiao Chen’s vision is really good. After the two were together, Xiao Hu always took care of himself. Whenever he was free, he took himself to travel around and ate delicious food, which made his weight soar. At first, Xiao Chen was very concerned about her weight, but she didn’t care about her weight at all. Instead, she thought it was the most important for Xiao Chen to be happy. She advised Xiao Chen to eat more every time, so her weight remained high. < p > < p > by the time they got married, Xiao Chen’s weight had reached 200 Jin. Because too much weight may lead to pregnancy difficulties, the two married by Xiao Hu’s family opposition, but Xiao Hu insisted on marrying Xiao Chen, the family could not resist, had to agree. < p > < p > after marriage, Xiao Hu doted on Xiao Chen to the end. He didn’t require him to control his diet. He still took him to taste local delicacies. As a result, Xiao Chen’s meals became bigger and heavier. Now, Xiao Chen’s weight is as high as 300 Jin, which is too fat to recognize. Netizens said that Xiao Chen’s weight is a sweet burden. < / P > < p > maternal obesity will lead to difficulties in childbirth, and dystocia is more likely to occur when giving birth to children, which will cause the risk of pregnant women themselves and the fetus. Obesity can also lead to hormone disorders in the body, making pregnant women more prone to abortion after pregnancy. < / P > < p > maternal obesity will affect their own body, because of obesity will lead to their less love of exercise, resulting in a vicious circle, affecting their own health. Secondly, excessive obesity will cause some physical diseases, such as hypertension, affect the health of pregnant women, but also threaten the safety of the fetus. < / P > < p > many couples are too nervous to conceive because they are anxious to have children. In order to get pregnant faster, some couples take some medicines with no safety and quality guarantee, which will do harm to their health. When preparing for pregnancy, we should keep a good attitude and keep a happy mood. < p > < p > exercise can make you have better physical fitness, regulate hormone secretion in the body, and make you realize your wish and have a baby faster. Secondly, it can improve the quality of egg cells and help to produce a healthier baby. < / P > < p > obesity not only affects your appearance, but also affects your health. Obese people exercise more hard, but also more prone to fatigue, the greater the psychological barriers to overcome, so obese people are often difficult to lose weight through their own, need the encouragement and supervision of people around them. < / P > < p > although liking a person does not necessarily pay attention to the other person’s appearance, if you really like a person, you must hope that the other person is healthy. If obesity has threatened their own health, then weight loss will become imperative. < p > < p > this is sister Lang’s parenting. You can find the most practical and meaningful parenting knowledge here. If you want to know more about parenting, please pay attention to us. If you like this article, please like it and share it with more people! 08/16/2020