Double 11 copy homework! List of good things for mother and baby KOL baby

Another year’s double 11, as an old double 11 people, is your shopping cart full of “fruits of war”? How many waves of “wool” in the studio have been removed? If you are still struggling with what you should store for your baby, you might as well copy your homework!

on October 29, the 2020 KOL reward for mothers and infants initiated by Sina parenting was officially launched! Online five content track, gather strength to send mother and baby big V to jointly output high-quality content, focus on a better parenting life, and collide with scientific parenting concept. As of today, as of today, there have been thousands of awards from the media of mothers and infants, 460 million reading and 328000 discussion on sub topics, 460 million reading and 328000 discussing about children’s kitchen, a better life for parenting, 75898000 reading, 25000 discussing, 25000 reading, 72582000 reading and 577000 discussing, 72582000 reading and 577000 discussing, 72582000 reading and 570700 discussing, reading and discussing 570000, reading and discussing 570000, reading and discussing books for children, and children’s books are beneficial for children’s book opening, beneficial for children’s books, beneficial for children’s books, beneficial for children’s book opening, beneficial for children’s books, beneficial for children’s book opening books for children’s children’s books for children’s children’s children’s books for children’s children’s children’s books for children’s books, the reading volume was 65.435 million, and the discussion volume was 18000; the sub topic ා Meng baby’s view of the world ා the reading amount was 1475.8 The number of discussions was 37000.

during the double 11, hundreds of hot mothers and dads participated in the track interaction of “mother and baby evaluation” in the maternal and child KOL awards, sharing the list of good things for mother and baby planting, and come to Kangkang to see if there are any good things you have left behind! How delicious!

look at the KOL babies who haven’t participated in the interaction yet! This year’s “mother and baby we media appreciation” online activity will open five activity tracks, respectively related to good things, reading, food, travel, pan life, with the main topic ᦇ mother and baby we media appreciation ᦇ + any race path sub topic, release the original micro blog, you can successfully participate. There is no limit to the form of micro blog, among which short video is the best, and Jiugongge, picture and text, live broadcast, vlog and other forms can be used.

this year’s offline activities of maternal and infant KOL show, 100 mothers and babies will gather together to witness the grand event of sina 2020 parenting ceremony and the announcement of the annual list of 2020 maternal and infant KOL awards! All the staff are in position. We are waiting for you!

it’s good to go shopping for a while. Since becoming a mother, whether for themselves or for children, Jimei’s road of chopping hands is doomed to stop! From children’s carts and safety seats to pacifiers and blankets, every mother has her own unique shopping experience. Popular products are not necessarily good, the key is to suit yourself, throw out your mother and baby list of good things, so that the majority of mothers are no longer alone in the way of parenting!

a child is a small seed that has just sprouted and needs sunshine, air, water and nourishment. It is undoubtedly an excellent spiritual nourishment for children to take time out and calm down to read picture books and children’s books with children. Share the stability and warmth with your parents and children who love reading together.

no one is born to be a parent, and no one is born to cook. With the baby’s first cry comes the love and responsibility of being a parent. In order to let the children eat well and eat healthily, many Baba hemp personally went to the battle, unconsciously practiced a good cooking skills. The parents who can’t go up and down the kitchen are not good cooks. The nursery kitchen is coming. How can you be spared! ~

taking a baby to travel is not only a high-quality companion, but also an extraordinary and meaningful thing. No matter what form of travel, it is an irreplaceable growth course for children. Travel is a colorful crayon, adding a touch of colorful color to childhood. Where do you take your kids? What are the insights?

what is a good parenting life? When you see this question, every father and mother have different answers in their hearts. Share your beautiful parenting life clips and record every moving moment on the way to parenting ~

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