“Double burden reduction” for teachers and students in Qinghai Province: policy to be implemented and effect to be observed

“Reducing students’ burden” is not a new topic, and has recently become a hot topic in society. Qinghai Province, located in Northwest China, recently issued two documents to “reduce the burden on teachers and students”. But the effect remains to be seen.

recently, the government of Qinghai Province issued it, saying that it aims to “create a better environment for teachers to be at ease, calm and comfortable in teaching.”

for the “supervision, inspection, evaluation and assessment”, it should be clear that the inspection, comparison and assessment of primary and secondary schools and teachers should be reduced by more than 50% on the original basis.

for the “statistical work of school reports”, Qinghai Province requires standardizing the education statistics work of primary and secondary schools. In addition to the statistics department, other departments should report to the government statistical institutions at the same level for examination and approval. All forms that need to be filled in by schools and teachers should be co-ordinated by the education department. Other departments should not directly ask schools and teachers to fill in the forms.

Qinghai also requires that irrelevant training be strictly prohibited. Such as teacher training activities by the education department overall arrangement. Training in non education and teaching shall be strictly controlled by the education department, and irrelevant training shall not be apportioned to teachers.

in addition, Qinghai requires strict control over the use of teachers. Strictly control and standardize the transfer of primary and secondary school teachers. Those who borrow primary and secondary school teachers to participate in the implementation of major decisions and deployment tasks of the party and the State shall obtain the consent of the education department at or above the county level and report to the Party committee at the same level for approval and record without affecting the normal education and teaching of the school.

on November 18, the Education Department of Qinghai Province printed and issued 10 specific measures, saying that the purpose of the move was to “effectively reduce the heavy schoolwork burden of primary and secondary school students, ensure the necessary extracurricular activities and rest time, and promote the overall development of students’ physical and mental health, morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor.”

among them, for the problem of “total homework”, the above-mentioned restates that there is no written homework for Grade 1 and grade 2, no more than 60 minutes for Grade 3-6, no more than 90 minutes for junior high school homework, and reasonable homework time for senior high school students.

in view of the reality of “assigning mechanical repetitive and punitive homework” which is generally concerned by the society, teachers are not allowed to directly assign a large number of homework without screening and layering, or use “sea test tactics” to assign excessive homework, and not to assign mechanical repetitive and punitive homework.

for the much criticized “homework assignment to parents”, it is clear that homework should be assigned to students and not to parents. Teachers are encouraged to try to do the homework to be assigned in advance. In principle, homework should be arranged along with the class. Homework should not be arranged in wechat group or QQ group. Parents are not allowed to uniformly ask for questions or ask parents to download print assignments or learning materials to the designated email address or class group.

netizens “short kite” left a message saying, “my child is only on the first day of junior high school. It is difficult for parents and children to write their homework every night at 1:00. I hope this can be implemented. ” Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore