Douchi, a leguminous plant

This product is a fermented product of mature seeds of glycine maxmerr. < p > < p > take 70-100g mulberry leaves and Artemisia annua L. and decoct them with water, filter them, mix them into 1000g net soybeans, steam them thoroughly, take them out, let them hang in the air, put them in containers, cover them with fried mulberry leaves and Artemisia annua residues, and let them ferment until the yellow coat is over, take them out, wash them, and keep them in the container for 15-20 days until they are fully fermented and aroma overflowed Dry and get it. It is oval, slightly flat, 0.6-1cm long and 0.5-0.7cm in diameter. The surface is black and wrinkled. There is a long oval hilum on one side. The texture is slightly soft or brittle, with brown black section. It is fragrant and slightly sweet. 08/16/2020