Down’s baby more and more, the reason is mostly in the mother, these three behaviors pregnant mother should pay attention to

Pregnancy is a happy time. Through the hard work of pregnant mothers for 10 months, they can usher in new life and hope. Therefore, some pregnant mothers are willing to take risks even if they are pregnant. But the most unacceptable thing for parents is to have a baby in October, to welcome a new life with hope, but to usher in children with problems. Ella and her husband got to know each other when they were working. At the beginning, despite the opposition of their families, they were determined to be together. If their true ideals would eventually be defeated by reality. Ella and her husband will soon be faced with the daily necessities of life when they get married. The pressure of life makes them have to go out and make money. Fortunately, their emotional foundation is relatively strong. Even if life is difficult, they still encourage them to look forward. After two people’s efforts, their lives have been improved. When they hope for life, the child comes unexpectedly. After careful consideration, they decided to keep the child. Considering the pressure of raising children later, Ella began to save money when she was pregnant. Even when she goes to the hospital for a pregnancy check-up, Ella has nothing to do with her pregnancy. She thinks it’s OK for someone else to get pregnant. Sometimes she doesn’t have to work so hard, and the baby is still healthy. In this way, 10 months passed quickly, but when the baby was born, both husband and wife were dumbfounded. Their children felt different from other children’s children. After the doctor’s diagnosis, the child was diagnosed as & quot; Down’s baby & quot;, which Ella never dreamed of. < / P > < p > If I had listened to the doctor’s advice and came to the hospital regularly for examination, maybe I would not have to face such a situation today. Now, not only the adults are sad, but also the children will suffer together in the future. < / P > < p > most women’s pregnancies are not expected, and most of them are accidents, so the pregnant mother’s body has not made any preparation before pregnancy. < / P > < p > some pregnant mothers live at will before pregnancy. They stay up all day and don’t pay special attention to diet. They often eat and drink indiscriminately. These situations are a threat to the baby in the belly after pregnancy. What’s more, some pregnant mothers don’t know when they are pregnant. They take some medicine without knowing it, and finally give birth to their children in a muddle headed way. < / P > < p > like this & quot; Down’s baby & quot; also has a family genetic history. If there is a Down’s baby in your family, you must pay attention to it when you are pregnant! < / P > < p > before pregnancy, you must carefully check your body. Even if you have no problems with your body, you can’t take it lightly after pregnancy. The pregnancy check-up should be done in time. Like & quot; Down’s baby & quot; has gene mutation, regular inspection, early detection and early intervention. < / P > < p > some pregnant women are very healthy when they are pregnant, but how can their children become & quot; Down’s babies & quot; when they are born later;. In fact, it has a lot to do with the living environment of the pregnant mother. For example, after the pregnant mother is pregnant, she lives in the newly decorated environment, which seems to have no harm to people, but the decoration materials contain many harmful substances, which will lead to the danger of the fetus in the pregnant mother’s belly. < / P > < p > at this time, the fetus begins to take shape in the pregnant mother’s stomach, and the facial features or various parts of the body can be clearly seen. At this time, if the fetus is found to be abnormal, it can be intervened in time. If it is not particularly serious deformity, you can choose to give birth to the child. < / P > < p > if the deformity is serious, parents should listen to the doctor’s advice, and don’t wait for the child to be born to regret. At that time, it was the parents who were suffering, and more of them were children! < / P > < p > when a pregnant mother is about 4 months pregnant, the general hospital will recommend doing down’s screening. Sometimes many parents will ignore it in order to save money, and finally regret it after the birth of the fetus. Down’s screening is generally divided into 2-3 kinds, if the family has never had this genetic gene, you can choose the most common blood test. If parents are not at ease, they can also choose other ways, and then follow the doctor’s advice. < / P > < p > pregnancy means that big is big and small is small. Some people are pregnant and have a dark suspicion of life, while others have no reaction to pregnancy. Because everyone’s constitution is different, don’t always comfort yourself with other people’s nothing. Don’t get lucky when you’re pregnant. Always think in case it’s OK. Of course, parents are right to think about the benefits, but sometimes you can’t deceive yourself. Here to remind you pregnant mother pregnant should do the examination must not be lazy yo! 08/16/2020