Drink more water every day for intelligent selection of intelligent water cup

Huawei intelligent selection intelligent water cup uses Huawei hilink’s advanced connection technology to provide scientific solutions for users’ healthy drinking water, and through the drinking water reminder function, it guides users to develop the habit of drinking water. The visualized water temperature can prevent consumers from drinking and scalding by mistake and bring more convenient life for consumers. < / P > < p > drinking enough water is very important. The body water content of adults is about 60% ~ 70%. When the human body is short of water, it will produce physiological reactions such as thirst, cough, fatigue and blood pressure drop. In the new edition released by the national health and Family Planning Commission, the daily recommended drinking water amount * for adults is increased from 1200 ml to 1500-1700 ml, equivalent to 7-8 cups of water. A small amount of water at any time for many times can fully relieve the pressure of water shortage. < p > < p > Huawei intelligently selects intelligent water cup for drinking water health management. After the daily drinking water target is set, the probe hidden in the cup will measure the amount of drinking water in real time, count the daily target achievement rate, and supervise the daily drinking water from multiple dimensions through the customized settings such as regular drinking water reminder, forgetting to drink water reminder and medication reminder. < / P > < p > drinking water reminder can be realized through three reminders: water cup vibration, mobile phone pop-up window and display screen lighting, so that you can drink more orderly and professionally every day. < / P > < p > when using Huawei mobile phone close to the water cup, as long as the cup cover is opened, the mobile phone will automatically pop up the window to prompt the distribution network. Click OK to quickly complete the distribution network with the water cup. Simple and fast, the elderly can easily master and quickly enjoy the comfortable life brought by IOT. < / P > < p > in addition to the sexual function of drinking water housekeeper, Huawei intelligent selection intelligent water cup has a very strong attribute, which can basically satisfy all your imagination of thermos cups. If the water temperature in the intelligent cup is less than 20 ° C for 6 hours, the water temperature in the intelligent cup can be kept at the temperature of less than 12 ° C in the intelligent cup, and the water temperature in the intelligent cup can be kept at the temperature of less than 12 ° C for 6 hours. According to the inspection of SGS Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd., the antibacterial rate of this kind of antibacterial PP sheet is as high as 99.9%. In addition, the medical grade 316L stainless steel is used as the inner liner of the heat preservation cup, and the steel imported from South Korea has the advantages of high cost, better corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. < / P > < p > the cup body is made of spin thin and lightweight technology. The weight of the cup is reduced by 20%, the capacity is increased by 10%, and the volume is small and exquisite. Different light hand feel makes it hard to leave after use. The plastic spraying process is adopted on the cup body, which not only reduces the environmental pollution, but also endows the cup body with strong wear-resistant and anti friction properties, which greatly reduces the possibility of paint falling off and color loss and damaging the “appearance” of the cup body. < / P > < p > cup cover seal design, tight seam, electronic components can achieve IP7 waterproof. After charging for 1.5 hours, open the cup cover to drink water about 20 times a day and set 5 reminders, which can be used normally for about 2 weeks, reduce the frequency of frequent charging and meet the drinking needs of users in various scenarios. At the same time, it has intelligent endurance design, and when standby for more than 15 days, it will automatically enter the sleep state, and after waking up with the charging line, it can continue to work normally. < p > < p > Huawei intelligently selects intelligent water cup, which not only satisfies your imagination of thermos cup, but also opens up more illusions about thermos cup. From 00:00, September 15 to 23:59, September 21, Huawei intelligent water cup is in the pre-sale of tmall and Huawei Jingdong official flagship stores, with a drop of 30 yuan, and the pre-sale price is only 119 yuan. Please don’t miss it= https://luanban.com/pregnant-dream-golden-dragon-is-about-to-give-birth-to-a-boy-you-think-too-much-the-function-of-fetal-dream-is-not-here/ target=_ blank>08/16/2020