Drink much, how does whole body suffer to do? The drunkard master teaches you three secrets. You are not afraid to drink too much

This year’s national day and Mid Autumn Festival have arrived. In this special festival of universal celebration, it is rare for relatives and friends to get together. How can they have a few drinks to make up for the reunion wine they didn’t drink last Spring Festival. Therefore, many friends basically drink a small drink every two days and a big drink every three days. When they enjoy themselves, they will inevitably drink too much. After drinking too much, they will feel uncomfortable. What should we do at this time?

there is a drunkard in our village. He drinks twice a day to catch up with his friends and relatives. It’s nothing to talk about. But he has never said that drinking too much will make him uncomfortable. What’s the secret of this drunkard? Drink much, how does whole body suffer to do? The drunkard master teaches you 6 Secrets. You are not afraid to drink too much! Let’s have a look!

friends who often drink alcohol can drink a pack of pure milk or yogurt 30 minutes before drinking. Milk or yogurt can form a protective film on the surface of our gastrointestinal tract, which can reduce the penetration of alcohol into our blood and reduce the damage to the liver.

30 minutes before drinking, in addition to drinking milk, you can also eat some dietary fiber tablets with high concentration, and drink some water. The dietary fiber tablets swell with water to form some cations, which can wrap the ethanol molecules in the alcohol, prevent ethanol from entering our intestines and stomach, and directly discharge it out of the body, so as to reduce the harm of ethanol to our body.

if you feel that the above methods are troublesome, you can take some vitamin tablets with you, especially B vitamins or vitamin C tablets. These vitamins have the function of decomposing alcohol, and they are easy to carry. Just chew a few tablets before drinking, which can prevent the physical discomfort caused by alcohol poisoning.

if we are already on the wine table and have no preparation before drinking, what can we do to reduce the damage of alcohol to our body? At this time, the choice of food and wine is particularly important!

when we drink, we can choose to eat more eggs, meat, or food rich in fat. Eggs can regulate the intestines and stomach, and fat food can form an oil film to prevent alcohol from damaging our bodies. In addition, we can also eat more tofu, which can’t help us to expel alcohol from the body, so many old drinkers like to mix tofu with shallot, fried peanuts and pig head meat as wine dishes. You can also eat more vegetables. Fresh vegetables can help our bodies break down alcohol faster.

after drinking, if you feel headache and uncomfortable, you can drink some tea water appropriately. Tea water can effectively relieve acute alcoholism, but don’t drink tea water while drinking. Besides tea water, you can also drink some high concentration rice soup and noodle soup, which will also make our intestines and stomach more comfortable. White sugar water has a good effect on sobering up, so can everyone Take a drink.

be careful when drinking on the National Day Mid Autumn Festival. Do this before, during and after drinking. You will feel comfortable after drinking! Friends, if you feel uncomfortable after drinking, you might as well try the three tips of the drunkard, hoping to help you! Finally, I want to tell you that in any way, it’s better to drink less and have a good time. After drinking, it’s still yourself!

here are the tips for drinking. I’m Xiao Liu, a post-90s eater in the kitchen. If you are interested in family food, please leave a message, forward, share and pay attention to it! If you have any family food you want to eat, please leave a message. I will share it with you as much as possible! 08/16/2020