Drinking milk after pregnancy benefits a lot, but the following pregnant mother suggested not to drink, otherwise hurt the fetus and yourself

If the pregnant mother’s intestines and stomach are weak, and the protein molecules in milk are relatively large, it is difficult to be absorbed by the intestines and stomach, which will aggravate the burden of the stomach and intestines, thus causing diarrhea, stomachache and other diseases. < p > < p > milk is considered as a good supplement to supplement nutrients during pregnancy, because it is not only high in nutritional value and affordable in price, but not all pregnant mothers are suitable for drinking milk. Some pregnant mothers, due to their physical reasons, drink milk will have a serious impact on their own and fetal development, which should not be ignored. < p > < p > pregnant women need to supplement a lot of calcium during pregnancy. The fetus will absorb a lot of nutrients from the umbilical cord in the process of development. If the calcium is not supplemented in time, the fetus will directly absorb it from the mother, resulting in calcium deficiency in pregnant women, frequent backache and osteoporosis. However, every 250ml of pure milk can contain 300mg calcium, which can meet the daily needs of pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should drink a cup of milk every day, which can ensure the healthy growth of the fetus. Milk contains abundant amino acids, which can synthesize high-quality protein. Compared with meat and eggs, milk contains higher protein content and richer nutritional value. < / P > < p > milk can effectively enhance the immunity of human body. The protein and sulfur-containing amino acids are the key to enhance the immunity, which can regulate the endocrine to a certain extent, so as to improve the microcirculation of pregnant women and achieve homeostasis in the body. Milk has a certain sedative and hypnotic effect, and calcium has a certain effect on the elimination of tension, so pregnant mothers with poor sleep quality can drink milk to calm their nerves before going to bed. There is a kind of anemia which belongs to iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency leads to the abnormal production of red blood cells in human body, which leads to diseases. Therefore, this kind of people will generally absorb a lot of iron from food and medicine, and iron can be effectively absorbed only after it is transformed into ferrous iron. However, ferrous iron will combine with calcium and phosphorus salts in milk to form insoluble substances, which will weaken the absorption of ferrous and make it more difficult for pregnant women to recover anemia. < / P > < p > if the pregnant mother’s intestines and stomach are weak and the protein molecules in milk are relatively large, it is difficult to be absorbed by the intestines and stomach, which will aggravate the burden of the stomach and intestines, thus causing diarrhea, stomachache and other diseases. < / P > < p > lactose intolerant pregnant women lack of lactic acid sugar, which can not decompose the nutritional molecules in milk very well. Such a pregnant mother drinking milk is harmful but not beneficial, and even affects the normal development of the fetus. Therefore, it is better for such pregnant mothers not to drink milk, or choose some lactose free milk to supplement certain nutrients. < / P > < p > If a pregnant woman has peptic ulcer, it is not recommended to drink milk. Although milk can temporarily relieve the irritation of gastric acid on the ulcer surface, it will stimulate the secretion of more gastric acid. If the digestive tract is in this acidic environment for a long time, it will aggravate the disease. < p > < p > therefore, pregnant women with the above diseases should not drink milk for the sake of their health, otherwise, it will have a certain impact on the development of the fetus. < p > < p > if pregnant women don’t like the taste of milk, they can choose goat’s milk as a substitute. Goat’s milk is also rich in protein, and the protein molecules are much smaller than the protein in milk, which can play a better absorption effect. It also contains a lot of calcium, so it is a very good calcium supplement. Cheese is a kind of food with high calcium content in dairy products. It is also rich in probiotics, which is easy to be absorbed by the body. It is solid and easy to carry. It can effectively supply enough nutrients. < p > < p > yogurt is rich in probiotics, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and promote the digestive function of the human body. Proper drinking of pregnant women can prevent constipation. < p > < p > in addition, yogurt can improve the body immunity of pregnant women to a certain extent, and it is very good for pregnant women to take proper amount of yogurt. However, there are many varieties of yoghurt on the market. For health consideration, we should choose pure milk fermentation as much as possible. Pure yogurt with less additives has a slightly worse taste, but it is more beneficial to the health of pregnant mothers. 20