Drinking when the body appears these abnormalities, or the body has been unable to carry, vigilant liver cancer “stare” at you

Xiaoqiang has been working in the company since he graduated from university. Because of his special dexterity and strong learning ability, his boss likes him very much. No matter what activities he usually attends or what banquet he has, he usually takes him to attend, which makes many old employees in the company admire him.

Xiaoqiang actually looks ordinary. It’s only because he is very good at speaking and has a very flexible mind that he is highly valued by his boss. Every time the boss takes Xiaoqiang out to socialize, he can win the list that is difficult to win, so the boss is more and more satisfied with Xiaoqiang.

but the long-term social intercourse is very harmful. Although Xiaoqiang is young, he can’t withstand such a toss. Some time ago, Xiaoqiang found that his drinking capacity is not as good as before, and his brain is not as flexible as before. When many lists were obviously about to be negotiated, Xiaoqiang was destroyed. The boss was based on the interests of the company. Xiaoqiang’s performance made the boss very angry, Colleagues are also looking at Xiaoqiang’s jokes, not many people help him.

by chance, Xiaoqiang found that he had severe hepatitis in the physical examination, and his condition was very serious, and he was about to turn into liver cancer, which changed Xiaoqiang’s whole life. How could the young Xiaoqiang get liver cancer? And why is there no signal to remind him in the early stage of liver disease?

in fact, in the early stage of liver disease, there was a signal to remind Xiaoqiang, but Xiaoqiang missed it, resulting in the current situation. A while ago, Xiaoqiang found that his alcohol consumption was getting worse. At that time, he should go to the doctor in time to check the liver function. Poor liver will lead to the decline of detoxification and metabolism. After alcohol enters the human body, the liver can’t metabolize it quickly and smoothly, which will make it worse People are very easy to get drunk, and a lot of alcohol soak the liver all the year round, so that liver lesions produce fatty liver, liver cancer and so on.

people with poor liver are often accompanied by the symptoms of dry mouth and bad breath. Many people think that dry mouth is only caused by their lack of drinking water. In fact, dry mouth and bad breath are probably caused by poor liver. The decrease of liver function leads to the accumulation of nitrogen and ammonia in the human body, which is discharged through the mouth to form bad breath. Moreover, the lack of liver blood leads to dry mouth.

People’s temper has something to do with their self-cultivation and education, but it has the greatest relationship with their health. People with poor liver are easy to be angry, resulting in impatience and irritability when meeting big and small things. Anxiety will react on the liver, leading to a vicious circle of liver qi stagnation.

when the liver is detoxifying and metabolizing, it needs a lot of water to run. Especially in autumn and winter, the human body is prone to lack of water. At this time, if you don’t replenish water, it will lead to vigorous liver fire and adverse liver qi, which will affect the liver function. Therefore, you should drink more water at ordinary times. For those who often have strong liver fire or insomnia, drinking more warm Lu Liubao tea can moisten the liver and kidney To balance liver blood and reduce liver diseases caused by liver damage.

no matter staying up late for work or entertainment, you will find that you are in poor spirits and very tired the next day, accompanied by symptoms such as rough face and dark circles under the eyes. These symptoms are the symptoms of liver damage caused by staying up late, which may lead to changes in external symptoms, liver damage and liver cirrhosis, so you should reduce the amount of staying up late Night, to avoid liver function damage.

alcohol is harmless to human body, but its metabolite ethanol is harmful to human body, especially to liver health. Liver is the organ of detoxification and metabolism. Long time alcohol immersion will cause fatty liver and other diseases, so we should drink less in peacetime. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE