During menstruation, five things should be restrained. If you can’t help it, your uterus may be “scarred.”

Introduction: in daily life, when female friends talk about menstruation, they may talk a lot, and there will always be many endless problems. Like this month postponed a few days, early to a few days, menstruation during the body what uncomfortable topic. Let’s find out what affects your health. During the period of < / P >, women’s body secretions are extremely unstable. It will lead to a lot of acne on the face, but also make the skin become very greasy. There will be some big pores. Female friends during the period if there is no quality sleep, will aggravate dysmenorrhea, some people will also appear lumbar pain. Therefore, female friends should go to bed early during menstruation, do not stay up late, maintain good living habits, and try to sleep before 11:00 p.m. < / P > < p > female friends should not wash their hair during menstruation. Washing our hair is easy to make our head cold, so that the body into the cold, will cause the symptoms of uterine cold. As the traditional Chinese medicine said, if you wash your hair during menstruation, it will make the blood circulation of the head more concentrated, resulting in the blood circulation of the uterus is not smooth. In the long run, a lot of toxins or garbage will accumulate in the uterus. Because when we wash our hair, the pores of our head are open, which will make our body enter the wet and cold air. If we have to wash our hair, we should dry our hair before going out to avoid the cold wind. < / P > < p > in modern times, it is necessary to drink alcohol when receiving guests. However, female friends should not drink alcohol during menstruation. Drinking during menstrual period will cause more damage to the liver than usual drinking, and will also increase the possibility of liver dysfunction. As the saying goes, alcohol has the effect of promoting menstruation and promoting blood circulation. Drinking during menstrual period will also cause excessive menstrual blood and eventually lead to prolonged menstruation, which is not conducive to our health. < p > < p > female friends are not allowed to eat some cold food or some cold food during menstruation. Just like in summer, watermelon, ice cream and other cool things can’t be eaten. There are crabs. Cold drinks can’t be eaten. Otherwise, the blood circulation in the body will be slowed down, and the comprehensive contraction of the uterus will be affected. The menstrual blood in the body can’t be discharged in time, resulting in dysmenorrhea. If the problem is more serious, the problem of irregular menstruation will also aggravate the problem of uterine cold. < / P > < p > it is not allowed to wear tight pants during menstruation, otherwise blood circulation will be affected, and finally cause pudendal edema and congestion. It is generally recommended to wear underwear of pure cotton, loose, pants also need to be changed, change down to wash. During menstruation, sanitary napkins should be changed frequently, and proper amount of exercise should be maintained. Excessive exercise and strenuous exercise should not be allowed. < / P > < p > during menstrual period, women should use warm water to bubble their feet before going to bed every day. This can help to discharge garbage and toxin in the uterus and promote blood circulation in the body. < / P > < p > there are a lot of acupoints on the soles of our feet. Before going to bed, we often have bubble feet. By stimulating the acupoints of feet, we can relax the whole body, reduce the residues of harmful substances in the body, and make the uterus more clean. < / P > < p > it is very important for female friends to keep warm during menstruation. If the uterus is not kept warm and the damp cold Qi enters the body, it will cause the symptoms of uterine cold. < / P > < p > in menstrual period, if dysmenorrhea is severe, it indicates that the uterine cold is more serious. In the long run, it will have a great impact on women’s fertility. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the uterus in a warm state during the menstrual period. < / P > < p > once the uterus is in a warm state, it can increase the metabolism of the body. It is the garbage and toxins in the body that drain out, making the uterus cleaner. < / P > < p > friends with bad uterus should drink more warm water, because drinking water can promote the metabolism of the human body. According to Li Shizhen’s records, when drinking water, soak some longan, chrysanthemum, red dates, dried ginger and other food materials, not only can achieve the effect of expelling cold, making the uterus in a warm state, but also can calm nerves and nourish blood, making our uterus cleaner. < / P > < p > the process of making tea is often troublesome. For many office workers, they may not have the time and energy to make tea. At this time, a simple and convenient tea bag is very convenient. When you want to drink it, you can drink a cup of aunt tea in just a few minutes. < p > < p > conclusion: abnormal menstrual cycle of female friends is mainly caused by bad living habits and bad eating habits during menstrual period. During menstruation, some things should be controlled no matter how much you like it, otherwise it will affect your health. 08/16/2020