During pregnancy, pregnant mother’s bad mood has great influence on the fetus. Do you dare to be angry after knowing?

The reason why pregnant mothers become like this is mainly because after pregnant women are pregnant, their bodies are affected by hormone changes in the body. Therefore, a little ordinary things will cause mood fluctuations of mothers to be.

previously, a video was broadcast on the Internet, in which a pregnant mother went to have a four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. After her examination, she was told by the doctor that the development of her fetus was very healthy.

it should have been a happy thing, but the pregnant mother couldn’t help crying, and walked on the road crying, while wiping tears, which caused heated discussion.

it turned out that the pregnant mother was frightened to cry because she saw the appearance of her baby in the four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound photos. She also cried and said, “it’s so ugly. I haven’t seen such an ugly one.”

after seeing it, netizens also comforted the pregnant mother and said, “the ugly baby when she was a child will look good when she grows up.”. Let the pregnant mother not too sad, or it will affect the development of the baby in the stomach.

during pregnancy, if the mother to be is in a bad mood, it will not only affect the pregnant mother, but also the fetus in the body. So what are the effects of the bad mood of pregnant mothers?

in fact, this is because emotional changes are not only a way of expression, but also affect people’s health, especially the heart and liver.

when the mood is bad, the changes of the heart are easy to appear irregular phenomenon, and the liver has a certain effect on the mood relief, but always in the situation of melancholy and anger, the function of these organs will be affected, and it can not normally eliminate bad emotions, thus harming the health of pregnant mother and fetus.

we often say that “anger hurts the body” is also very reasonable. Therefore, for the sake of the health of herself and her baby, pregnant mothers must maintain a happy mood during pregnancy.

after a long time, the baby will form his own character. According to the follow-up survey, the emotional characteristics of those babies after birth are very similar to those of pregnant mothers, which are as high as 30%. Therefore, in order to have a good personality after birth, mothers to be should control their emotions.

during pregnancy, if a mother to be is not in a good mood, it will cause imbalance of hormone secretion in the body, and produce factors that are not good for the body. Especially in the early pregnancy, the baby’s organs are not well differentiated, and the mood of the pregnant mother has an important impact on the formation of the baby’s organs.

it’s not that only the mood of the expectant mother in the early pregnancy is very important. In fact, in the late pregnancy, the poor mood of the pregnant mother will affect the health of the fetus, and may even lead to premature birth.

since during pregnancy, the mood of a pregnant mother not only affects her body, but also affects the growth and development of the fetus in her body. So how can mothers to be maintain a good mood? In the face of low mood, and how to adjust it?

many pregnant mothers have bad mood changes during pregnancy. Part of the reason is that pregnant women are not ready to be a mother, so they have not found a sense of identity as a mother psychologically. So will feel flustered, helpless, afraid, even don’t know how to do when the baby is born.

therefore, before pregnancy, pregnant women must communicate well with their other half, greet the arrival of new life with a relaxed mood, and avoid unexpected pregnancy, which will lead to inadequate psychological preparation of pregnant mothers.

therefore, when a pregnant mother is in a bad mood, she can exercise properly, walk in the community, or learn to do yoga during pregnancy, which can promote the mood of pregnant mother to become better.

after a pregnant mother is pregnant, because she can’t be overworked, some expectant mothers may quit their jobs and raise their babies at home. However, if the expectant mother is at home alone, then in addition to the safety of the pregnant mother, there may also be emotional problems.

because I often feel lonely and boring when I am alone, my family should accompany my mother to be as much as possible. Pregnant women can also tell their own bad mood, avoid the depression of mood caused by bad influence.

because many people are parents for the first time, they don’t understand a lot of knowledge, and they will be very nervous and afraid when there are some situations. In order to avoid such situations, pregnant mothers have time to learn more about parenting and be prepared mothers during pregnancy.

in fact, it is very common for pregnant women to become very sensitive after pregnancy. It is not necessary to have guilt and doubts because of their emotional fluctuations.

at the same time, pregnant women should recognize their role as mothers to be, learn more about parenting knowledge, and consciously regulate their emotions, so as to avoid the influence of bad emotions on pregnant mothers and babies.