During pregnancy, pregnant women should taboo 6 things, not superstition, expectant mother don’t be careless

The whole pregnancy is about 40 weeks, or 280 days. For half a year, it’s not easy for a mother to be with a big belly. But when I think of small life, growing up healthily in my stomach, I think it’s a special magic thing. < / P > < p > pregnancy would have made it difficult for women to move. In addition, there was a small one in the stomach. In terms of diet and living habits, pregnant women would have to make changes to avoid harm to their children. There are too many taboos during pregnancy. Many Baoma don’t know how to avoid them. Family and friends have their own reasons. < / P > < p > many mothers to be are young when they are pregnant with their first child, and they like to dress themselves up a little bit. Before pregnancy, high-heeled shoes, tights and waist closing dresses were worn as soon as they wanted. However, when it came to pregnancy, people around told the pregnant mother that they could no longer wear them. < p > < p > high heeled shoes are prone to sprain, and their stomachs will become larger in late pregnancy, so it is more difficult to maintain balance when wearing high-heeled shoes. So it’s better to wear comfortable flat shoes during pregnancy, so it’s not easy to wrestle, it’s good for children. And tight clothes and trousers, will strangle Baoma’s big stomach, affect the fetus, will also affect the body of pregnant women. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, make-up is taboo. Although many products boast that pregnant women can use it, they should be cautious for the sake of insurance. Because some cosmetics contain metal substances, the usual use may not have problems, after pregnancy, the fetus through the umbilical cord, and the mother. < / P > < p > some harmful substances that the mother comes into contact with the outside world may be passed on to the child, resulting in the fetus not adapting to the stomach. There are also skin care products. Many girls feel uncomfortable sleeping without skin care. < / P > < p > but how to choose skin care products is also a problem. If you really can’t stand dry skin, you can go to the hospital and consult some brands that are more suitable for pregnant women. The doctor will give reasonable suggestions. < / P > < p > some pregnant women may have some allergic history before pregnancy, such as nuts, lobster, seafood and so on. Some pregnant women are not allergic to seafood before pregnancy, but when they eat seafood during pregnancy, they have symptoms of allergy. So eat seafood and other allergic food, must pay attention to safety, try to eat less or not to eat. < p > < p > because medication during pregnancy is very troublesome. In order not to hurt children, doctors can only use safe drugs when treating pregnant women, and the effect may not be so obvious. Therefore, for the safety of children and their own, we must pay attention to the diet. We can also check the allergen in advance, and we can know what we are allergic to. < / P > < p > in the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is unstable, so you should stay in bed more often, and pregnant women may suffer from pregnancy vomiting. At this time, the body is relatively weak. Do not lift heavy objects or carry goods. It is very difficult for pregnant women to bend down and squat in the second and second trimester of pregnancy. During this period, it was very dangerous to do heavy work. Not only was it hard to bear physically, but also people might wrestle. < p > < p > during pregnancy, the hormone level will rise linearly, which will also affect the mood of pregnant women. Many would-be fathers have complained that the wife after pregnancy is just like a changed person. She is easy to lose her temper and easily immerse herself in sadness and shed tears inexplicably. What make complaints about

is that when a wife was pregnant, the wife looked up and said, “why is the moon not round?” Then began to quarrel with her husband, and finally cried, which made her face helpless. If the moon is round or not, I can’t control it! < / P > < p > as a mother to be, try to control her emotions, because when a mother cries, her child will also be restless in her stomach. As a father-to-be, this period should be more tolerant, help pregnant women through the period of ups and downs, when the hormone is stable, the mood can be much more calm, must be more tolerant. Before pregnancy, doctors will tell both husband and wife to quit smoking and drinking in advance, so as to have a healthy baby. Therefore, during pregnancy, Baoma should avoid alcohol and tobacco, and stay away from second-hand smoke in places where people smoke. Try to choose a clean and fresh environment to make Baoma and her children feel safe. < / P > < p > finally, spicy and heavy taste food must be prohibited. The blood of the fetus and the mother is connected. If the mother eats spicy food, the baby will be restless in the stomach. May also appear red situation, so we must choose carefully. < / P > < p > finally: pregnancy is a very important period, for children and mothers, should be very careful. In order to give birth to this child, both Bao’s mother and father have paid a lot of money, so we must be careful to avoid any accidents. 08/16/2020