During pregnancy, this few weeks is the high incidence of fetal umbilical cord around the neck, pregnant women should know

The umbilical cord is a conveyor belt that connects the fetus and pregnant women closely. The mother delivers nutrients and oxygen to the fetus through the umbilical cord, and then discharges the carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases produced by the fetus, which can be said to be the life belt of the fetus. If something goes wrong, it’s not good for pregnant women. A netizen who had just lost her fetus said that when she was six months pregnant, her umbilical cord suddenly broke for some reason. < / P > < p > umbilical cord entanglement will occur in every part of the fetal body, the situation is different, the worst is that the fetus quietly left. Among them, the umbilical cord around the neck accounted for 90%, so the incidence of umbilical cord around the neck is the highest. < / P > < p > before 4 months, the fetus was still very small, although it could wave and kick, but its muscle strength was relatively weak, the fetal movement had only slight tremor, the amount of activity was small, and the umbilical cord around the neck was rarely occurred. However, in the fifth month of pregnancy, the range of action gradually becomes larger, the bones and muscles are strong, and the activity space is large. When you are happy, you will somersault, and when you are bored, you will play with the umbilical cord as a toy. It is easy to get around yourself when you play. Generally speaking, the high incidence period of umbilical cord around the neck is generally 20-32 weeks when the fetal activity space is large, that is, 5-8 months of pregnancy! < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, the length of the umbilical cord is 50-60cm, and the diameter is about 1-2cm. If it exceeds 75cm, the umbilical cord is too long. The longer the umbilical cord is, the higher the incidence is, and it is difficult for the fetus to wrap itself in. In addition, fetal movement is too intense, too much amniotic fluid, also easy to cause umbilical cord around the neck. In fact, umbilical cord around the neck one or two weeks is very common, pregnant women hear umbilical cord around the neck first don’t worry, generally the fetus will own around. But around the neck 3 times or more, it will affect the delivery of nutrition and oxygen. < / P > < p > usually, the placenta is above the uterus, and the umbilical cord is connected above the placenta. When the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck or body of the fetus, the umbilical cord, which is only 50 cm or 60 cm, becomes very short, and it is difficult for the fetus to enter the pelvis. < / P > < p > the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck. If it is not wound out in time, it will become tighter and tighter when the fetus is active or gives birth naturally. In light, it will develop backward due to slight hypoxia. In heavy cases, it will die because the blood vessels in the umbilical cord are squeezed and unable to deliver oxygen. < / P > < p > if the umbilical cord twines around the body or neck of the fetus, the shortening of the umbilical cord is inevitable. If the umbilical cord is too short, it will not only affect the free movement of the fetus, but also lead to the incorrect position of the fetus, resulting in the failure of natural birth. < / P > < p > the umbilical cord blood flow direction and velocity were monitored by color Doppler ultrasound to determine whether the fetus locked the umbilical cord entanglement. Usually, two umbilical arteries are blood color, and one umbilical vein is blue. Through red and blue, we can clearly see where the umbilical cord twines for several weeks. < / P > < p > fetal movement is a barometer of the healthy development of the fetus. At about 28 weeks of pregnancy, fetal movement will become regular. From this time on, pregnant women will count fetal movements every day, and it is normal to count 30-40 fetal movements every 12 hours. If the fetal movement suddenly decreases or increases, the fetal movement is extremely impatient and reflexively moves quickly, it is likely that the fetus is in a state of hypoxia, so it is necessary to go to the hospital in time. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, touching the belly properly and paying attention to the strength, touching in one direction and following the movement of the fetus can not only enhance the emotion between the pregnant woman and the fetus, but also stimulate the touch of the fetus and enhance the tactile sensitivity. But can’t random touch, also can’t frequent touch, otherwise the fetus will be very irritable, reaction is too intense, it is easy to happen umbilical cord around the neck. < / P > < p > meima is very handsome, a senior nursery teacher, and a contract author of many platforms. Focus on the knowledge sharing of pregnancy and parenting, and focus on me to get more knowledge of pregnancy and parenting. 08/16/2020