During pregnancy, two “positions” become larger, indicating that the child’s IQ will be higher, and pregnant mothers should not worry

Many women will know how to get a long pregnancy without meat when preparing for pregnancy. When they are pregnant, they will always pay attention to their body, and some changes in their body will be very sensitive.

with the increase of the month, the pregnant belly will become bigger and heavier, the body will become heavier and heavier, the hands and feet will also appear swollen, and it is not easy for a pregnant mother to have a baby in October.

some pregnant mothers are always worried that they are too fat during pregnancy and difficult to recover after childbirth, so they will control their diet and keep their body shape during pregnancy. In fact, this is harmful to the fetus and baby.

Xiao Li’s mother-in-law really can’t stand it. Her daughter-in-law treats her grandson like this. She gets up early every day, makes nutritious meals and brings Xiao Li a lunch box.

fish, eggs, milk and shrimp are made in the same way. Although Xiao Li also gets the unit, she is either given to her colleagues or dumped. Xiao Li, who is five months pregnant, is still slim and her pregnant belly is not obvious.

at the time of five months’ prenatal examination, Xiao Li saw the bloated figure of pregnant mothers in the hospital, and she secretly congratulated herself that she had not been able to keep her figure thanks to the lack of sea food and drink.

when she went to Xiaoli for examination, the doctor frowned. Xiao Li’s abdominal circumference was not up to standard. After color Doppler ultrasound examination, the child was also smaller than the normal month, and the growth was delayed.

the doctor severely criticized Xiao Li and told her that this would lead to fetal stop development and even the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. Xiaoli realized her mistake.

when the fetus is in the mother’s abdomen, the nutrition absorption completely depends on the nutrition provided by the mother. The nutrition is sufficient and balanced, and the fetal baby’s intelligence, bone development and brain development can be normal.

if there is lack of nutrition, it will lead to insufficient nutrition supply for the baby, and it is easy to have abnormal fetus. Pregnant mothers should never rely on diet to control their weight. They should have reasonable and scientific diet and proper exercise.

the first time is 10-18 weeks of pregnancy. By the 23rd week, the cell structure of fetal cerebral cortex has been basically developed. The second golden age is after the baby is born. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement protein during pregnancy.

protein rich foods mainly include eggs, lean pork, beef, chicken, rabbit meat, fish, bean products, millet, beans and various nuts.

pregnant women should also exercise properly. Proper exercise of pregnant women can not only make them feel happy, but also provide oxygen to the fetus, improve their immunity and control their weight.

sports suitable for pregnant women are walking, walking, yoga and swimming. These sports must be accompanied by family members. At the same time, pregnant women’s yoga and swimming should be carried out under the guidance of special personnel.

after pregnancy, women’s buttocks will generally become larger, but the degree is slightly different. Many pregnant mothers will worry about their body’s out of shape, and their clothes will not look good in the future.

during pregnancy, the buttocks are relatively large, and the pelvis is also relatively wide, which can better nurture the baby, increase the baby’s activity space in the abdomen, and facilitate the absorption of nutrition and the growth of the fetus.

and the thick and thin legs also affect the effect of dressing. After pregnancy, women will become fat, because of the change in body size, movement inconvenience, the amount of exercise has also decreased, to the late pregnancy fat will be more accumulation, to the pregnant mother to bring trouble.

However, it is worth noting that as long as the nutrition is balanced during pregnancy, the diet should also be appropriate. Do not overeat and blindly eat high-fat food, which will lead to overweight of pregnant women. PARRENT&CHILDREN