During the physiological period, drink more of this water, warm the palace and expel poison, and help you spend the physiological period easily

Some of our friends may be at the end of the month. But as long as it is regular, then it is normal, but we must pay attention to the protection of our body during the physiological period, otherwise, it will cause very serious consequences. < / P > < p > washing underwear is not only a physiological period to do, including we usually also need to change underwear frequently, otherwise we will breed a lot of bacteria on our underwear, especially because of the special physiological structure of women, they are more likely to suffer from infection and lead to gynecological diseases. So we must develop good living habits in daily life to ensure their own health. < p > < p > girls’ physiological period is. Afraid of the cold, if you wash your clothes with cold water at this time, it is easy to cause cold into the human body, and then into the uterus, causing uterine cold, causing dysmenorrhea, so you must wash hands with warm water during the physiological period. < / P > < p > not only don’t touch cold water, but also don’t wash your hair. If you wash your hair at this time, it’s easy to catch a cold or catch a cold. So I must avoid washing my hair during my physiological period. Even if the oil spill is serious, we must. Control, after all, health is the first thing. < / P > < p > women in the physiological period will choose some blood tonic food, including brown sugar, red dates, wolfberry and so on, which is correct, because only by adjusting well, can our Qi and blood be guaranteed. Enough blood. You can also eat some donkey hide gelatin and other supplements. Or roses. Poria cocos mulberry these things are very helpful to our Qi and blood. < p > < p > in fact, women’s physique is not suitable for eating cold drinks, but now many people do not pay attention to it. Especially in summer, many female friends like to drink cold drinks and eat iced watermelon, especially to the physiological period, many women do not pay attention to is very dangerous, it is easy to cause palace cold. Dysmenorrhea and so on. Serious still can cause disease of Department of gynaecology. < / P > < p > women are afraid of the cold during their physiological period. At this time, they must pay attention to keeping warm. They can buy some warm stickers to stick on their bodies or hold a hot water bag. Especially in summer, although the weather is relatively hot, but also do not expose the navel, it is easy to cause moisture and cold into the human body. And this period of time our body immunity is relatively poor, it is easy to get sick, and then cause gynecological diseases. Exercise is very good for our human body. Proper exercise can promote blood circulation, speed up the self-healing of the uterus, and eliminate the garbage in the uterus. However, we must pay attention to the amount of exercise, not excessive exercise, otherwise it will lead to the opposite. Red dates, longan and wolfberry are good for the blood supply of our women. If you drink hot water during menstruation at the same time add some blood enriching ingredients, then the effect will be very good, can effectively alleviate dysmenorrhea. And so on. < / P > < p > the above ingredients are very helpful for girls during their physiological period. When drinking hot water, you can add some. If you have time, you can buy some to go home for standby, and then make blood tonic tea. If you are busy with your work, you can also buy the following tea bag, which is convenient and quick. You can drink it directly with boiling water. < p > < p > summary: these symptoms of uterine cold and dysmenorrhea are caused by our common bad habits. Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of situation in daily life, I must pay attention to my own living habits, abandon bad habits, refuse cold drinks, refuse to drink and smoke. Keep yourself clean. Regular drinking of blood enriching tea will be of great help to our health. Focus