Early cervical cancer, the uterus will issue three “warning”, not as simple gynecological inflammation

Introduction: in the systemic malignant tumor, cervical cancer is one of the most common tumors and can be cured. So, do you feel relieved? In the initial test, we eliminated at least one killer. Many girlfriends were flustered when they saw the word “precancerous lesions” in their diagnosis books. In fact, precancerous lesions are not cancer, but the intermediate state between benign and malignant tumors on the cervix, i.e. ultra early canceration. Under normal circumstances, you should also pay attention to some dangerous signals. If you find out, go to the hospital for treatment and nip them in the bud in advance. Don’t ignore them. It will be troublesome to let these signals form a prairie fire. < / P > < p > the so-called contact bleeding implies that in the process of sexual life, the blood will be mixed in the secretion, sometimes it is still very sticky, but also accompanied by a very pungent smell, the color is dark red. If you are young but have such a situation, a large part of the reason is that you have already suffered from cervical cancer, so you want to prevent cervical cancer Sexual life must be given up and sexual life should not be carried out until it is completely cured. < / P > < p > women’s body structure is special, especially in their private parts, so some secretions will appear from time to time in women’s private parts, but under normal circumstances, these secretions are dry and have no smell. If you find that your secretions start to appear blood stains, and the state is very sticky, and there is a very bad smell, then nine out of ten is your private inflammation If you don’t improve in time, it will develop into cervical cancer. < / P > < p > if you find that you have abnormal abdominal pain, thigh pain, and femoral joint pain within a certain period of time, you should pay attention to it. It is likely that it is the early signal of cervical cancer. This is because cervicitis will make this pain spread to the pelvic region, and you will have abdominal pain and thigh pain all the way down. Don’t think it is just a simple abdominal pain We need to go to the hospital for further examination. < / P > < p > in life, a small thing will lead to many diseases in the body, and excessive sexual life will also lead to serious problems in the body, especially the unclean sex life will lead to cervical cancer. Women should do a good job in contraceptive measures, pay attention to the cleaning of private parts to prevent infection, and their personal clothing should be timely and more timely Change, ensure clean and tidy, women should also carry out a gynecological examination every year, so as to find out the abnormality of the body in time and improve the probability of complete cure. < / P > < p > for a long time, tension and depression will affect the functional operation of various organs of the body, including the health of the cervix, which is easy to cause cervical lesions. Therefore, women should learn how to adjust their emotions and choose to do something they are interested in when they are not happy. In addition to controlling their emotions, women should strengthen exercise and avoid sitting for a long time, which is helpful to increase the number of women Strengthen the immune function of the body, promote the blood circulation of the human body, accelerate the metabolism of the human body, so as to avoid the damage of the uterus and ovary. The occurrence of cervical cancer is closely related to HPV infection, so we should avoid HPV infection in our life. For people who have been infected with HPV virus, the normal situation is that they can turn negative by themselves, but there will be a small number of women who are likely to have persistent infection due to poor immunity, leading to the occurrence of cervical cancer. Therefore, it is suggested that women of this type should pay attention to improving their immunity at ordinary times. In addition to balanced nutrition, some nutritional supplements, such as Agaricus blazei Murrill, Cordyceps militaris Polysaccharide, Polyporus umbellatus polysaccharide, Chinese yam polysaccharide, Glycyrrhiza Polysaccharide and trace element selenium can be supplemented appropriately, which is helpful to prick It can also prevent and inhibit the generation and growth of tumor cells and prevent the continuous pathological changes and canceration of the cervix. It is also widely used to accelerate the negative conversion of HPV. It can be supplemented regularly to protect one’s health. Conclusion: in the early stage of cervical cancer, the uterus will issue three “warnings”, which is more than simple gynecological inflammation. Cervical cancer is the main culprit of harming women’s health, so women should always be vigilant in life, so that cervical cancer can be eliminated in our hands at an early stage. Do not stay up late, do not covet sexual life, do not often change sexual partners, pay attention to the cleanliness of their private parts, such long-term persistence, will reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging