Early pregnancy, the fetus in the abdomen have “three fears”, the first thing a lot of treasure mother ignored, on snacks

Pregnancy represents the beginning of a new life. The baby takes root in the mother’s body, grows up gradually, and finally comes to the world.

there are three things that the baby is most afraid of. Mothers should be careful to avoid them, especially the first one. Father Bao also needs long snacks.

shortly after Xiaoshuang and her husband are newly married, the couple are planning to have a baby. They are very affectionate in their life, and they are affectionate at home and stick together all day.

a month after the wedding, Xiaoshuang’s menstruation was delayed. They didn’t expect to have a baby so soon, which surprised both couples.

a few days ago, Xiaoshuang suddenly found blood stains on his underwear, which scared Xiaoshuang. Is menstruation come after all, still had abortion?

Xiaoshuang went to the hospital and found that not only had no abortion, but also the embryo could be seen by B-ultrasound. Fortunately, the baby was still there.

during this period of time, Baoma should not only pay attention to rest, avoid overwork, but also avoid rooming, and be alert to miscarriage caused by roommates, which is not worth the loss.

alcohol and nicotine are not only carcinogens nominated by the World Health Organization, but also the top teratogenic factors. Treasure mothers must stay away from alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy. The radiation mentioned here mainly refers to ionizing radiation. Pregnant women are not allowed to enter the vicinity of factories with radiation signs, as well as CT and X-ray rooms.

there is another thing in the early pregnancy that the baby is very afraid of, that is, high temperature. Baoma should try to avoid hot springs, saunas and other places with high temperature in the early pregnancy. When taking a bath in early pregnancy, you should also try to use warm water for bathing. Don’t take a bath for too long and avoid washing your stomach with hot water.

folic acid is vitamin B9, which plays an important role in the development of fetal neural tube. Folic acid should be supplemented from the first three months of pregnancy, and the intake of folic acid should not be forgotten in early pregnancy.

Baoma can be supplemented with spinach, asparagus, rape and other natural foods, and can also be obtained with the help of folic acid supplements. If taking supplements, pay attention to the specification of 0.4mg, one tablet a day.

it is normal to have vomiting in early pregnancy, but severe vomiting not only affects Baoma’s diet, but also may cause weight loss and dehydration.

Baoma women can use vitamin B6, lemonade, plum and other foods to relieve pregnancy vomiting. Each Baoma has different feelings about food, so they can choose the food they can accept, so as to alleviate the pregnancy vomiting as much as possible, so as to make the early pregnancy more comfortable.

some time ago, the virus appeared in salmon makes people scared. Even if there is no such thing, raw meat is still the paradise of Toxoplasma gondii. Treasure mothers must eat meat cooked.

because of the influence of hormones during pregnancy, Baoma’s mood is easy to get out of control. However, emotional excitement will affect the baby, and the baby and the mother are telepathic.

try to make the big things small. No matter what difficulties they encounter, everything is not as important as the health of the baby. Mothers find ways to resolve their emotions and avoid emotional excitement.

during pregnancy, the greatest fear is tiredness. Baoma must pay attention to rest, exercise and housework, and try to avoid exerting force on the waist to avoid hurting the baby.
exercise should be avoided in the early pregnancy, such as yoga and exercise in the late pregnancy. 08/16/2020