Easy pregnancy constitution a touch on pregnancy? Women with three characteristics are fertile

As a mother of three children, he Jie once mentioned in a live broadcast that she is easy to conceive, which is really disturbing. After his divorce from he Ziming. He Jie with a son and a girl is not easy. Women alone with two children, one of the hardships only women with children can understand. Although hard, but actually very happy, and with the passage of time, the career has also improved. < / P > < p > with the improvement of her career, he Jie also fell in love again, but she became pregnant after love, which made people a little distressed. The third child was totally out of the plan. He Jie said in the live broadcast that she was so pregnant that she could not afford to be pregnant. < / P > < p > there are some mothers like he Jie who belong to the constitution of easy pregnancy. They are particularly distressed. They are pregnant before they become pregnant. They can’t stand it. Most of the time, when facing pregnancy, if it is not planned, most of them choose to abort the child. So this part of the women said special trouble, too easy to get pregnant, and then need abortion, is really very harmful to the body. There are also some women who have been married for several years and have gone further and further on the road of pregnancy preparation. Anyone who hears a little secret recipe for pregnancy wants to try it. Taking Chinese medicine, skipping rope, using folk prescription, moxibustion and so on, as long as listening to others say that it is conducive to pregnancy, they will try it, but there is no good news. < / P > < p > from the perspective of health management, people with good mentality and careless attitude belong to long life. Because the mentality is good, not how to have what mood, this is not only good blood vessels, but also the heart will not be out of a tense beating state, the internal organs are working smoothly, so it is a natural law to do what at what time. Most of these women are what we often call “heartless” people, and such women are more likely to get pregnant. < p > < p > pregnancy is the result of the combination of sperm and egg. Most of the women with normal menstruation are in a healthy state, suitable for pregnant women. The body every month or regular menstrual period has a fixed period of ovulation, ovulation belongs to normal, as long as you can meet tadpoles, it will be combined into fertilized eggs, so menstruation super accurate women, is also particularly easy to pregnancy. < / P > < p > the combination of sperm and egg is a wonderful process, but it is also a difficult process. In this process, sperm and eggs from the fallopian tube to the uterus to find the implantation position, for women, uterine health is very important. Other appendages may have congenital defects, but most of them are healthy, except for special cases such as frequent abortion. And the judgment of the health of the uterus is mostly related to the amount and color of menstruation. < p > < p > therefore, if menstruation is particularly accurate, and she is usually a woman with good personality, she is a woman who is particularly easy to get pregnant. If you pay special attention to your daily life and diet or women with good nutrition, you should pay attention to it. You must do a good job in contraceptive measures to avoid winning the lottery, which is not conducive to health. Focus