Eat jujube more, can you really enrich blood? Eat more, the effect is good? Doctor: you may not cheat

It has been a long time since the idea of eating jujube to replenish blood existed. Many female friends will prepare some jujubes at home and use them in special periods, such as during menstruation. There are also some women who eat a few red dates or make a cup of red date tea every day, which is called blood tonic. < / P > < p > the so-called body needs blood, in fact, the body anemia will need blood, so before blood, we must know whether we lack ischemia. Body ischemia is generally caused by two reasons, one is the lack of iron in the body, which is also a common disease in life. < / P > < p > another reason for anemia is due to diseases, such as the coagulation function problems in the body when sick, or anemia caused by other serious wounds, hemorrhoids and ulcerative diseases. < / P > < p > the above two are the causes of anemia in the body, so what is the reason for women to eat jujube blood during menstruation. First of all, women will cause a certain amount of blood loss during menstruation, but the amount of blood loss has not reached the standard of anemia. This kind of blood loss is classified as iron deficiency anemia. Many women do not know the reason, so they will pay more attention to blood supplement. < / P > < p > in fact, the effect of Ziziphus jujuba blood supplement is not as good as thought, because there is no way to directly supplement blood for anemia, only through iron supplement. But the iron content of jujube is not high, and we often say the animal viscera, the iron content is negligible, so eating jujube can not play the role of blood. < / P > < p > moreover, the iron element in red jujube is difficult to be absorbed and utilized by human body, which is very complex in the process of being absorbed by human body, and the absorption and utilization rate is also very low, so this is also the bad point of red jujube blood tonifying effect. < / P > < p > some people will say that if eating red dates can’t enrich blood, then I will eat more, and my body can absorb more. This view is also wrong. I believe everyone has read Jin Yong’s novels. There is a very classic character in it, Qiu Qianchi. She has practiced a lot of Kung Fu, which is “the magic skill of spitting jujube seeds”. < / P > < p > she was locked up at the bottom of the heartless Valley for more than ten years before she practiced such a magic skill. It can be imagined that she should take jujube as food every day during the ten years, but she still looks pale and her hair is sparse. It can be imagined that the more jujube she eats, the better the blood tonic effect is not true. < / P > < p > then someone will ask, is it useless to eat red jujube? In fact, it is not. When eating red jujube, you can eat it with red meat, because red jujube is rich in vitamin C, which can promote the absorption of iron by the human body, so the effect of supplementing blood with red jujube and meat will be better. It is better to eat fresh jujube when eating red jujube, because the content of vitamin C in fresh jujube is higher than that in dry jujube, especially in autumn, when red jujube is just mature, the content of vitamin C in red jujube is the highest. < / P > < p > so according to the doctor, although red dates contain iron, the absorption rate of the human body is not high, so red dates can not be used as the only way to replenish blood, but it is good for the body to eat as a snack. < / P > < p > if the body already has symptoms of anemia, it is still necessary to find out what causes it, adjust the diet, ensure a balanced intake of nutrients, and do not rely on a few dates to solve the problem. Luanban