Eat less is life-saving? People eat 9 tons of food in this life. Does it really mean to meet God?

With the appearance of all kinds of big stomach kings, it is said on the Internet that people sleep and eat a certain number of things in their whole life. From birth to death, they eat about 9 tons of food. Whoever eats them first will go first.

according to the given reference value, a person’s daily intake of food is about 1-2kg. If we calculate from 1 kilogram of food, it only takes 25 years to digest these 9 tons of food.

in addition, according to the statistical report data of Chinese residents’ food consumption, the average Chinese person consumes 2.3 kg of food every day.

in addition, from the perspective of human body, everyone’s body shape, gender, metabolism and other conditions are different, so the demand for food and energy is also different. The data of 9 tons is totally unreliable.

when excessive food is consumed at one time, it will cause pressure on the digestive system, resulting in digestive tract problems and diseases, such as dyspepsia, gastroesophageal reflux, stomachache and bloating, which are typical manifestations.

although you don’t eat too much when eating, most of the obese people have problems such as constant snacks and drink pouring, which will also keep your stomach full all the time, resulting in excessive calories and obesity.

and obesity can also lay hidden dangers for various diseases, including metabolic diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer and other aspects.

that is to say, after you stop eating, you do not feel hungry or support. At this time, you have only one thing to do: put down your chopsticks and stay away from the table.