“Eat” what can turn white? There is no whitening food, the key is to stick to sunscreen

Summer, a lot of friends are accidentally black a color number, began to care about how can white back. At this time of year, adzuki and lemonade will become very popular.

one of the advantages of red bean job’s tears is that they have higher dietary fiber content and stronger sense of fullness, which can make you eat less unhealthy snacks and staple food when eating.

compared with white flour, red beans and job’s tears have higher protein content. If they are used to replace some staple foods, they can play a role in supplementing protein.

adequate protein intake is indeed very important for health and skin. Collagen makes skin tight and elastic, while keratin is closely related to skin barrier function, but these are not closely related to whitening.

it is recommended that 50-150g of whole grains and miscellaneous beans should be included in the daily staple food. Congee with red beans and job’s tears, and miscellaneous grain rice are good choices, but there is no need to just drink water instead of beans.

but vitamin C in the body does not only act on the skin, but it will not have any magical effect by increasing the intake of vitamin C by oral administration. Moreover, as long as it is normal to eat vegetables and fruits, the general people will not lack vitamin C, there is no need to add additional.

the vitamin C content of lemon is not as high as we think. The vitamin C content in every 100g is only 22mg, and the amount that can be soaked in water is even less. It’s better to eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as grape vitamin C content is 25mg / 100g, balsam pear is 56mg / 100g.

from the perspective of epidemiological research, eating foods rich in antioxidant ingredients, such as vegetables, beans, olive oil and fish, will have less impact on the skin due to UV damage.

it’s good to be like a tomato. On the one hand, the sugar content is relatively small, on the other hand, it is rich in vitamin C, β – carotene, lycopene, etc. many studies have shown that lycopene can help reduce UV damage.

is not recommended. Not to mention that the active ingredients can not be directly absorbed by the skin, for sensitive muscles, direct contact with fruit and vegetable acids, tannin, may cause adverse reactions.

foods with more photosensitive ingredients, such as gray cabbage, fig, and traditional Chinese medicine containing psoralen, should not only avoid direct contact with the skin, but also pay attention to sun protection after eating.

what’s the best way to make your skin white? For specific whitening products, or to listen to the professional advice of dermatologists. But the most important thing is to stick to sunscreen.

if the neck and back have tingling and peeling due to sunburn, wet compress and moisturizing lotion can be used to relieve the pain. As the skin barrier has been damaged, it will be more fragile, it is better to have certain clothing to block, to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

but no sun ≠ no ultraviolet. Sunscreen is a daily activity. It is necessary to wear sunscreen every day, no matter whether it is to prevent sunburn, prevent injury, prevent skin cancer, or prevent wrinkles and anti-aging.

if you are outdoors for a long time, remember to apply sunscreen every two hours. If you’re sweating or going swimming, you can choose a waterproof formula or apply it more frequently.

but note that even if applied evenly, no sunscreen can block UV 100%, and it is necessary to combine physical sunscreen.

you can wear long sleeve shirt, trousers, hat and sunglasses with wide brim, and walk under the shadow Clothing that includes UV protection may also work well.

but in fact, since most people’s sunscreen is far below the recommended amount, it’s not usually due to vitamin D deficiency due to sunscreen use.

if you really lack vitamin D and don’t get enough sun exposure, you can consider taking supplements directly, 400 IU a day is enough, and there is no problem with large dosage, as long as it does not exceed 2000 IU per day.

in addition, environmental pollutants, smoking and mental stress may affect the health of the skin, which should be paid attention to. But I won’t say much about these things. It’s not something that can be changed for a while.

after talking about it for a long time, the core of whitening is still sunscreen. It is enough to keep a balanced diet. The lack of protein, vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fat will have an impact on the skin condition. However, if you have taken enough of it, eating a certain ingredient will not have any magical effect. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging