Eggs stored in this way, will become “toxic eggs”? Netizen: this reminder is too timely

Etc. Moreover, more than 90% of the protein in eggs can be directly absorbed by the human body. At the same time, lecithin can also play a role in protecting blood vessels.

therefore, both adults and children should eat some eggs properly. Many people are used to buying more eggs when they are cheap, and then wash them thoroughly and put them in the basin. But in fact, it’s not right!

this is a kind of pathogen which is widely distributed and can be caused by both human and livestock. There are many kinds of Salmonella in clinical practice. After invading the human body, it can cause acute gastroenteritis, food poisoning, diarrhea and even septicemia. According to clinical data statistics, most bacterial food poisoning is related to Salmonella infection, accounting for nearly 80%!

chickens infected with a certain type of Salmonella rarely cause diseases, but they are easy to cause harm to people. Salmonella in chicken can be transmitted through excretion pollutants, egg shell and other channels, and even exist in chicken ovary and fallopian tube, which directly pollutes the inside of eggs and causes vertical transmission. However, due to the presence of bacteria inhibiting substances in the egg white, Salmonella is more likely to be present in the yolk!

if chickens are infected with Salmonella, these bacteria will be parasitized after feces on the surface of their eggs. You may not understand here, since this is not the right cleaning and preservation, how can it cause harm to the body?

this is because there is a natural protective film on the surface of the egg that you can’t see. It can prevent external microorganisms from invading the inside of the egg through the eggshell. After cleaning eggs, the surface will produce a lot of small holes that can not be seen by the naked eye. Bacteria can easily invade the inside of the eggs with the holes, which will not only increase the risk of Salmonella infection, but also make the eggs deteriorate easily. Therefore, the eggs that have not been cleaned will be kept for a long time at room temperature!

eggs are not a scarce food material. It is not recommended that you hoard too much at one time. You can buy about one week’s consumption. In order to avoid Salmonella infection, eggs can be washed and placed in the refrigerator. Or it is placed at room temperature, when eating, the eggs will be fully cleaned, and then break the eggshell, so as to avoid Salmonella invasion with the damaged eggshell!

just as mentioned above, chickens are infected with Salmonella, which can be directly infected inside eggs through prevention and control of vertical transmission. Or break the eggshell, causing bacteria to invade it. In order to prevent bacteria from entering the human body again, the best way is to make the eggs fully cooked and avoid eating soft boiled eggs, undercooked eggs and overnight eggs, so as to really reduce the risk of infection.

although eggs are good, they also need to be eaten in an appropriate amount. From the perspective of nutrition, one to two eggs a day is enough for adults to meet their physical needs. If you eat too much, it is not conducive to digestion and absorption, there is no benefit to the body. For children with incomplete gastrointestinal function and elderly people with gastrointestinal aging, it is OK to eat an egg every day. HEALTHY LIFE