Egypt’s primary and secondary schools have officially resumed classes, and all schools are ready for epidemic prevention

On the 17th, Egyptian media reported that after a long holiday, 23 million students from 60000 schools in Egypt have officially opened and resumed classes. Starting from October 17, all schools have taken a series of epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of students and teaching staff. According to the epidemic prevention plan for new coronal infections, the Ministry of health requires schools to take two temperature tests before and after leaving school. Once the infection is found, it will be transferred to the hospital as soon as possible. < / P > < p > from university to primary school, all schools require students to wear masks and keep a safe social distance of 2 meters. The school has carried out a comprehensive elimination of toilets, desks and chairs, elevator buttons, public goods surface and other places. Egypt’s minister of higher education Jaafar said in an interview with the media on the 18th that all universities should work out a timetable for students’ attendance. Both students and staff will take unified preventive measures without slackening down. In addition, the Ministry of higher education has a supervisory committee, which warns people not to try to challenge anti epidemic measures. Those who violate the defense measures on campus will be punished by suspension or even expulsion. Egypt’s media website reported on the 17th that three students and two faculty members had been quarantined and investigated for violating the anti epidemic regulations of wearing masks. In a statement to the media, hachte said the severe punishment will have a deterrent effect on strict compliance with epidemic prevention regulations. Your name will always exist on the Internet