Eight signals revealed that the more blood in the liver, the more “bad” the liver was!

Liver blood is the foundation of life. People with insufficient liver blood are easy to get old and get sick. Especially for women, liver blood is very important. But in life, some bad habits often hurt the liver, leading to liver blood shortage. < / P > < p > liver blood deficiency has a great impact on human health, especially on women. According to traditional Chinese medicine, women use blood and liver. Long term liver blood insufficiency, blood sea empty, can not overflow, menstrual volume will be rare, and the uterus and ovary will prematurely aging, endocrine disorders and so on will come to you, and may even lead to infertility! < / P > < p > effect: two cups a day, nourishing both yin and Yang, nourishing liver and kidney. The woman of liver blood deficiency is getting old quickly, preventing disease first, no longer premature aging! Insist on drinking, the liver is getting better and better, and the complexion will naturally get better and better! < / P > < p > people with insufficient liver blood should adjust their lifestyle, do not stay up late, go to bed before 11 o’clock every day as much as possible, do not sit for a long time, and walk as much as possible; they should also control their emotions, be angry and easily hurt the liver, and relieve pressure in time, so that the liver blood will be sufficient and the body will be more and more healthy. 08/16/2020