Embarrassed! 29 magnetic beads into the urethra, the man forced to endure more than ten days to seek medical treatment: the surface has been calcified

“He said he urinated with blood, frequency and pain. His lower abdomen was very uncomfortable. It seemed that there was something difficult to say.” Qu liming, director of Urology Department of the second people’s Hospital of Shaanxi Province, saw the man’s hardship.

after that, the man confessed that he had put some small beads into the urethra one by one for more than ten days. Because the magnetic beads will attract each other, they will be connected together, from the urethra has been sliding, sliding into the bladder, the man himself can not take out.

the man also went to several hospitals, but when he heard that he wanted to have an operation, he refused the operation because he was afraid. However, he felt more and more uncomfortable, so he had to go to the hospital again.

director Qu performed a minimally invasive operation on him from the urethral orifice and took out these magnetic beads. Fortunately, the operation was very smooth, all magnetic beads were removed, a total of 29, and the surface had calcified spots.

director Qu recalled a clinical case: a patient put a meter long wire into the bladder. Because the wire had a knot in the bladder, minimally invasive surgery could not be successfully taken out, and finally had to operate.

a 58 year old man said he put a metal ball into his urethra. After taking the X-ray, the doctor was surprised to find that it was not just a metal ball, but a string of 28. The man thought that he could excrete the foreign body, but he didn’t expect to urinate not only, but also his lower abdomen swelled and he had difficulty urinating.

the mother said that her son’s lower body had been swollen and painful for about a month. After a series of auxiliary examinations and color Doppler ultrasound, the son had multiple abscesses of Yin Nang, which needed immediate surgical treatment. However, during the operation, Dr. Ke touched a hard object of the size of a “marker” under the urethra, and continued to explore, and found three tubes of different shapes in the urethra.

according to urology experts, in recent years, foreign bodies in the urethra and bladder have occurred frequently. Common foreign bodies in urethra include pencils, pins, wires, toothbrushes, straws, toothpicks, and even eels, and there are more males than females, which are common in adolescents.

in adolescence, the body and organs develop rapidly. Out of curiosity or some stimulation, some children insert foreign bodies into their reproductive organs to “find out”.

most of the foreign bodies that were inserted into the urethra were not disinfected. If they were removed in time within 1-2 days, the symptoms of urinary tract infection were not involved. But if not removed in time, the foreign body in the body for a long time to produce mechanical stimulation of bladder mucosa, and then with the bacteria brought in, it will cause bladder inflammation.

cystitis is the most common complication of foreign bodies in the bladder. Urethra and bladder may also be damaged, resulting in perforation, local inflammation, peritonitis, etc.; foreign bodies in the bladder can even become the core of stones, forming urethral and bladder stones, which may seriously affect renal function.

the foreign body is easy to enter, but it needs to be considered in many aspects. After the foreign body enters the urethra or rectum, it will stimulate the sphincter to cause strong contraction, so that the foreign body continues to go deep. Therefore, when taking out the foreign body, we must first fully lubricate it, and then according to the nature, shape and position of the foreign body, take the corresponding treatment method:

2. Foreign body in the anterior urethra: pinch the external orifice of the urethra, and suddenly relax when urinating forcefully, and flush out most of the foreign body at a time In this case, small vessel forceps should be removed, or the foreign body should be removed by incision in the appropriate part of urethra.

3. Foreign body in posterior urethra: take out the foreign body through urethroscope. If it can’t be removed through urethra, it can be pushed into bladder, and then taken out by cystoscope or bladder incision.

in order to satisfy the curiosity seeking psychology of the moment, the foreign body is randomly put into the lower body, and the final victim is himself. Doctors remind, in case of careless foreign body into the body, do not use other things or squeeze by hand, should go to the regular hospital as soon as possible.

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